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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

11 Things You Would Never Hear In Saudi

11 Things You Would Never Hear In Saudi
By Nadine Hussain

Every community has specific phrases that they would never be uttered and if they do, it is a miracle that is hard to comprehend.

Due to my long experience in Saudi Arabia, I’ve got for you some of those statements, which are difficult to come across!

1. Amazing weather!

Praising the weather is rarely stated here especially as the summer approaches.


2. My kids love going to school!

What a nightmare for kids to go back school after having a very long vacation. We are going back very soon guys! Get ready.


3. There is no crowd today! The streets are so quiet!

One of the worst phenomenon in Jeddah that we face constantly is the throng of traffic. Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t complain about the crazy crowd of Jeddah?


4. It is raining cats and dogs!

We hardly get rains in Jeddah! I mean joyful and lovely rain guys, not flooding.


5. Al- Baik is empty today, let’s get some food!

Have you ever found Al- Baik empty? Did you ever sent your driver to get you food from there and he came back holding no grudge against you?!

11 Things You Would Never Hear In Saudi

6. I am full! No more food for me!

Due to the humid and hot weather in here, we always feel hungry especially at work or school! Even if there is no more food, we have to nibble some food or snacks to get through the day.


7. Who is knocking? Yaaay I am gonna open the door!

We always fight because no one wants to open the door! Maybe the one who knocks should open it!


8. Everyone came to the party on time!

Our life is a matter of waiting in special occasions!


9. I don’t need to plug in my phone. You can charge yours, my dear.

How are you going to feel if someone plugs your phone out while you’re sleeping?


10. I hate using WhatsApp

Can you imagine your life with no Internet or Whatsapp? It’s impossible guys!


11. Let’s answer the telephone!

It is widely believed there are still people who prefer talking on the phone.


Share with us any statements that you would like to add in the comments below!


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