11 Creative Slogans Of Saudi Brands


The development of commercial advertising in the late 19th and early 20th century has seen the slogan come to the forefront. Being used left, right and center, from state-owned companies to foreign multinationals selling almost every possible thing under the sun.

Our very own homegrown Saudi brands, have not stayed behind and have come up with some creative slogans. Some of them went way too creative, some kept it simple and direct and some came up with a slogan that has a lasting effect on you, so much so that when one thinks of that particular brand their slogan pops up instantly in our minds.

If you are one of those who are fascinated by advertising and marketing, then this article is what you’ll definitely relate to, especially on the thought process that goes behind the writing of what seems to be a simple sentence.

  1. Jarir: …not just a Bookstore
  2. Nadec: As Good As It Gets
  3. Petro Rabigh: Enriching Life
  4. Saudi Electricity Company: Empowering Energy
  5. Tokyo Games: Always The Best, Always Original
  6. Abdul Samad Al Qurashi: The House Of Oud, Amber And Perfumes
  7. Almarai: Quality You Can Trust
  8. SABIC: Chemistry That Matters
  9. Petromin: Performance From The Heart
  10. Extra: Your World Of Electronics And Home Appliances
  11. iZone: Listen . Create . Live

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