Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

100 Things to Do This Summer In Sharqiya

100 Things to Do This Summer In Sharqiya

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  1. Children can cook! Involve them in the kitchen with you or enroll them in a cooking class nearby. *IMG_1556

  1. The younger ones will love this one – head over to Stationary Fantasies and watch as they have the time of their lives at one of the many play areas.  Location: Amwaj Mall

  1. Let them loose at the indoor play areas in malls while you relax and sip your coffee nearby. Check out the drop-off play area in the Ladies’ Boulevard at Rashid Mall.

  1. Head to the ice-skating rink at Mall of Dhahran.shutterstock_327125432

  1. Enroll them in art classes. Check the schedules @gallery_azman and @thatdotspace

  1. Keep them busy with a variety of summer camps; flip through the pages for a list of awesome camps this summer.

  1. Rent a soapy stadium and play soapy football! Instagram: ne6e6at

  1. Get a pet. Web:

  1. Hand-paint a money-box at Cafe Ceramique. Location: Al Rashid Mall and Fouad Center


  1. Organize a water fight with your neighbors in your yard or neighborhood park. Use recycled water bottles or up the game a bit and get yourself a water gun from Hamleys, Gate 12, Mall of Dhahran

  1. Make delicious popsicles!zoku-ice-pop-maker-character-kit-wired-design

  1. Go out for frozen yogurt. Instagram: yummyyogurtme / pinkberryme

  1. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
    (Say that 10 times fast).
    Affogato at Haagen Dazs, Al Gosaibi Village
    Mochi from Lindo, Le Care Hotel
    Gelatto from Piatto, Fouad Center
    Dandorma from Mado, Mall of Dhahran

  1. Milkshakes! *

  1. Nothing like a fresh juice to soften the summer sun.*


  1. Channel your inner couch potato! Fire up Netflix, put on your comfiest clothes, grab a bucket of snacks and melt into the couch.

  1. Treat yourself to a massage. **

  1. Get a new look – new hair color, new wardrobe, a tan.

  1. Head to a nail salon and get yourself the craziest nail art. Instagram: she_nail / nailloungeksa

  1. This one’s a given but shop till you drop. Buy things that actually make you happy – books, clothes, shoes, makeup; the possibilities are endless.


  1. Catch up on your reading or join a book club. Twitter: hbookclub / kfupm_bc / kalimatliterary

  1. Work on your creativity – start a blog or a YouTube channel.

  1. Find a summer job. Might we recommend interning or freelancing with Destination Sharqiya?

  1. Enroll yourself in some self-development courses. Check out the Community section for more details.

  1. Do good, feel good. Be a volunteer. Instagram: east_volunteers

  1. Meditate – turn your daily prayers into meditation time and join a yoga class. Instagram: fitstudio55

  1. Start memorizing the Qur’

  1. Go for Umrah.

  1. Start a home business doing what you love – baking, crafting, sketching, etc.

  1. Head to FabLab. Get brainstorming on fun projects to experiment and create awesome things. Web:

  1. Go to your neighborhood park and sit on the swings for a while – there’s nothing like it.

  1. Experiment with art or get an intricate coloring book for stress relief.


  1. Go fish! Most popular fishing spot: Five Fingers, Khobar

  1. Explore and enjoy the different Corniches in each city – Khobar, Dammam, Qatif and Saihat.

  1. Let’s go fly a kite!

  2. Build a sandcastle.

  1. Go boating. For men, check twitter @aboujanaa. Families head to Coral Island and Half Moon Bay.

  1. Time for a quick weekend getaway at any one of Sharqiya’s awesome resorts. Check out Movenpick or Palm Beach Resort.

  1. Speaking of resorts, get a membership to Sunset Beach this summer for a one-stop beaching spot. It’s totally worth it. Web:

  1. Pack a picnic and eat by the beach around sunset or sunrise when the weather is slightly cooler.


  1. Get active and join a gym. **

  1. Start gardening by planting a tree or growing herbs in your yard.

  2. Go swimming: check out local gyms, but nothing beats a good dip in the Gulf.

  1. Go Kitesurfing at Half Moon Bay. Skip ahead a few pages for more information.

  1. If you’re looking to take up a new sport or activity with a fun group, get in touch with the Sharqiya Bikers. Instagram: sharqiya_bikers

  1. Jubail folks, join a cycling club. Facebook: Jubail Cycling Club

  1. Go horse-riding. Facebook: Jubail Equestrian Club

  1. There’s no activity more relaxing than bowling with a group of friends. Check out Othaim Mall.

  1. Head to Aviation Zone in Al Rashid Mall for the ultimate flight simulator experience. Instagram: aviation_zone

  1. Discover paragliding and learn to fly with Mishal Extreme Outdoors. Web:


  1. What’s the best thing about Sharqiya? We can road trip everywhere. Pack your bags and head to Qatar, Kuwait or the UAE.

  1. Go off-roading! Popular spot: Near Half Moon Bay.

  1. Take a tour of KSA. Web:


  1. Go to SciTech at least once with a group of people. There is so much to see and explore. Web:

  1. Step into the past by visiting Al Amriyah Gallery. Web:

  1. Visit the Doll’s Museum in the Ladies Boulevard of Al Rashid Mall and check out dozens of the prettiest vintage dolls and other toys. Instagram: dolls_museum

  1. Check out some art galleries. **

  1. Hop on the Eastern Coast Tour Route.

  1. Picnic by Modon Lake in Dammam.

  1. Pack up your Frisbees, footballs and food and head to Dammam’s Marjan Island for a fun day out.

  1. Visit Ibrahim Palace for a dose of history and architecture.

  1. Make it a day trip and picnic at Al Ahsa National Park.

  1. Al Qaisariya Souk is an experience on its own. Head there this summer to buy trinkets and relax with some tea. (

  1. Sahod Palace: Another walk down memory lane, north of Al Hofuf.

  1. Al Ahsa National Museum is a small but interesting collection of items from different time periods. Tel: +966-13-5802639

  1. Go bird-watching at the Al Hasa Lagoon.

  1. Visit or drive by the many date farms in Hofuf.

  1. Relax by Al Uqair Beach and take in the historic scenery.

  1. Stop to pray at the Jawatha Mosque in Hofuf established in the 7th Hijri year.

  1. Hike up the Qarrah Mountains in Al Ahsa.

  1. Shop some gold at the Suwaij Souk.

  1. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and walkways of Jubail. Head to Al Fanateer Beach and Nakheel Beach.

  1. Take a leisurely walk by the many beautiful parks in Jubail. Defy Park and Andalus Park.

  1. Explore the Qatif fish market and get some fresh catches for your dinner.

  1. What could be more awesome than a historical castle? Check out Qasr Darin.

  1. Probably the most popular historical ruin in Qatif, check out Tarut Castle.


  1. Have some fun, visit a live escape game room: Instagram: thesecretroomsa /

  1. Join a board game group and meet some great people playing fun games. Web:


  1. Watch a movie, duh! Web:

  2. Indulge in a day of ice-skating at Funland, Bahrain’s only ice rink. Web:

  1. Head to MJs Bowling Lounge for the ultimate bowling experience. Web:

  1. Challenge yourself with puzzles and riddles to escape the room you’re in! Web:

  2. Indoor Skydiving! Web:

  3. Shopping! Try City Center.

  1. Learn about history at the Bahrain National Museum. Tel: +973-17298718

  2. Beit Al Quran: View a large collection of Qur’anic manuscripts and Islamic art and be awed at the calligraphy and history of each manuscript. Tel: +973-17290101

  3. Take a spiritual visit to Al Fateh Mosque, Bahrain’s largest mosque. Location: Al Juffair, Manama

  4. Learn about the history of pearl diving at Bin Matar House. Location: Road 1129, Muharraq

  5. Waterparks! Try Wahooo! Waterpark in City Centre Mall.

  6. Reserve a private swimming pool and plan a pool party and barbecue with family and friends. Web:

  1. Take a trip to Dar Islands. Web:

  2. Two words: Dolphin watching. Web:

  1. Pearl Diving: Experience diving with the experts and looking for the treasures of the seas. Best thing is, anything you find is yours to keep! Into the Blue Diving Center. Tel: +973-37757373

  1. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling. Into the Blue Diving Center. Tel: +973-37757373

  1. Wakeboarding: Rent a board or bring your own and get ready for an adrenaline rush as you ride the waves. Web:

  2. Gaming Cafes: Enjoy a day out playing video games with friends and challenging one another at one of the gaming cafes. Ozone Entertainment. Location: SH.Jaber A. AlSubah Highway, Sitra. Tel: +973-17749499. Web:

  1. Laser Tag: Take your friends out in a quick and exciting bout of laser tag. Ozone Entertainment

  1. Commune with the flora and fauna. Al Areen Wildlife Park

  1. Rent a jet ski and zoom around the island on high-speed as you bounce on the waves. Web:

  1. Fishing: The coast of Bahrain is rich with various types of fish, so plan for a quiet day out on the deeper seas and enjoy a day of fishing. Web:


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