10 Unusual Courses Offered In Saudi Arabian Universities

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By Sumaiyya Naseem

We have good news for those who are looking for unique and interesting majors to study! When you’re at college, you want to make sure that what you’re studying is right for you.

We tend to overlook majors if they seem different and unfamiliar. Here’s a list of college majors that we think you should know about:

1. Environmental Design

What You’ll Learn: You will learn the principles of landscape architecture and urban design. It focuses on creating sustainable communities, learning the arrangement and appearance of towns and cities.

Where To Study: Effat University (For Women)

Courses: Geographical Information Systems, History and Theory of Environmental Design, Professional Practices in Environmental Design, Saudi Traditional Architecture, Introduction to Landscape Architecture.

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2. Hydrology

What You’ll Learn: You will learn about surface water hydrology, groundwater hydrology, management of water resources, irrigation and drainage, and statistical hydrology.

Where To Study: King Abdulaziz University

Courses: Watershed Hydrology, Hydraulic Structures, Design of Urban Water Networks, Water Pollution, Remote Sensing for Planet Earth, Soil Principles and Soil Chemistry.

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3. Food Science and Human Nutrition

What You’ll Learn: You will learn about the concepts of science and technology of food and human nutrition, you will acquire skills necessary for effective work, you will learn ethical problem solving in the field of food science and technology.

Where To Study: Qassim University

Courses: Agricultural Microbiology, Principles of Human Nutrition, Food Microbiology, Food Analysis, Food Plant Sanitation and Technology of Dates and Confectionary.

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4. Meteorology

What You’ll Learn: You will study the atmosphere, its structure, motions and stability requirements. You will also learn about climate changes and their implications. You will gain practical and research skills to meet the needs of the society and to contribute to sustainable development.

Where To Study: King Abdulaziz University

Courses: Cloud Study, Tropical Meteorology, Weather Analysis, and Principles of Atmospheric Remote Sensing

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5. Marine Biology

What You’ll Learn: You’ll study everything about marine life, from management to nutrition, behaviour and ecosystems.

Where To Study: King Abdulaziz University

Courses: Biological Technician, Fishery Biology, Marine Botany, Ichthyologist, Study Marine Plankton, Fish Health Management, Genetics Application in Fish, Coral Reefs, Marine Mammals and Turtles.

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6. Material Science and Engineering (Graduate and PhD.)

What You’ll Learn: You will learn the fundamental and applied knowledge of nanomaterials and devices; energy conversion materials and devices; biomaterials; and advanced characterization techniques.

Where To Study: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Courses: Crystallography and Diffraction, Electronic Properties of Materials, Soft Materials, Polymeric Materials, Materials for Energy and Nanomaterials

7. Marine Science (Graduate and PhD)

What You’ll Learn: The biology and ecology of various marine life forms, particularly the Red Sea system as a primary study system. You will learn how to compare general concepts of the Red Sea system with other marine systems.

Where To Study: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Courses: Marine Life, Introduction to Physical Oceanography, Marine Genomics, Coral Reef Ecology

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8. Plant Protection

What You’ll Learn: Plants, their growth, diseases and infections that plants are susceptible to. You will also learn about pesticides in detail, develop an understanding of how plants need to be protected in different kinds of environment.

Where To Study: King Saud University

Courses: Principles of Plant Pathology, Pesticides and Occupational Safety, Fungal Plant Diseases, Agricultural Quarantine, and Toxicology and Pesticides Chemistry

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9. Special Education

Specializations: Learning Disabilities, Behaviour Disorders and Autism, Multiple Disabilities, and Talent and Mental Superiority

What You’ll Learn: Different kinds of disabilities, mental disorders and other problems that affect normal, physical and mental growth of a child. You will learn the special kind of learning systems that are useful for children needs.

Where To Study: Princess Norah bint Abdurrahman University (For Women)

Courses: Communication Disorders, Special Education Technology, Adaptive Behaviour Skills, Learning Problems, Rehabilitation Strategies, Introduction to Autism, Case Studies in Learning Disabilities

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10. Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources

What You’ll Learn: Animal physiology, health and healthcare. Also, you will learn about the different diseases that can infect animals, how to tackle these diseases and perform basic surgeries on animals. You will learn how to control the spread of diseases from animals to humans.

Where To Study: King Faisal University

Courses: Animal welfare and poultry, Embryos, Animal nutrition and diseases of malnutrition, Veterinary Worms, General surgery, Toxicology and forensic medicine.

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Found something you like?! Tell us about interesting majors or courses which you know about in the comments below!

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