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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

10 Types Of People You Find In Every Office In Saudi Arabia

10 Types Of People You Find In Every Office In Saudi Arabia
By Alishba Balouch

If you have ever worked in Saudi Arabia or are currently working you will or must have worked with these types of people.

At first, you’re not sure what to “label” these people you encounter as, but eventually you figure it out. So on top of the list is the:

1. Slacker

This is usually the Boss or someone in the upper management. Now this person comes to work 3 days a week or 4 (if they feel like it) at whatever time they want and likes to boss around. They have very little to no knowledge of running business and most of the time their rich daddy have invested in the business to kill their heirs’ boredom. They are basically “USELESS” (It’s not necessary that all of them are the same, I just happen to have slackers boss me around).


2. The “Cool” dude

Next on the list is the “cool” dude; believe you me, HE IS NOT COOL. NOT.AT.ALL. He has worked at the same place for too long and now he likes to call himself the “know-it-all”, frankly, he doesn’t know it all.


3. Barbies

Now, we shall talk about office Barbies. Their purpose in life is to put fake lashes, get tans, then come to work and then complain about it? It’s usually a group of 5-6 girls and that’s all that they have to talk about. I am serious. We have lost them in the darkness of materialism.


4. The accountant

HE IS SCARY! Just one look at him will scare you. He always seems to be in a bad mood and doesn’t like to “mess” around with anyone. For some odd reason, all the accountants that I have worked with have had beards. Long Long beards. Hmm!! I wonder what’s up with that.


5. The Stud

I absolutely detest this guy! He wears half a bottle of perfume everyday and thinks all the girls at work are “dying” over him. 3 out of 10 times, he is not very good-looking but has his head in the clouds. He needs a reality check. Badly.


6. The bootlicker

Yep. Every office has a bootlicker. In Jeddah, or Saudi Arabia, we just have too many!! Their presence makes you feel so uncomfortable. They are always running around those with some or little authority. Their “I love people” policy wants to make you puke, but LOOK OUT!! They can be very sneaky.


7. Cry baby

OMGOSH. Nothing is ever right with this person. Ever. Either they are depressed or upset or going through something. Their personal life is always a “mess”, their one detestable habit is to engage in chatter when clearly they can see YOU have work to do. Good thing about the crybaby is that they are honest people, so there is no real danger. However, you might want to watch what you say to them if you want to keep your personal life to yourself and not want the whole office to talk about it.


8. Desis ( Indian-Pakistanis)

These people are “over-confident”! It’s a group of 4-5 men, they brag about how their people are running the country and also complain about how their people are being kicked out of the country. They frequently blame the country for their lack of success. But no matter what, it’s pretty amusing to work with these kinds of people. You get entertained. :simple_smile:


9. The Complainer

The long list of complaints from this one doesn’t stop. From problems with the company to his/her solutions for traffic in the city – we’ve heard the same problems a zillion times from them. And they see anything differently to the way they are used to – guess what? They just got something new to complain about.


10. The Gossiper

You tell this person one thing and by the end of the week you realize that the whole office knows about it. We know they spread gossip like wildfire yet we still confide our secrets to them. And the best part about this type of person is when they get pissed whenever someone gossips about them.


PS: This post in no means was written to offend anyone. It’s only for amusement.


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