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10 Things All Tea Lovers Can Relate To

10 Things All Tea Lovers Can Relate To
You could chill at a cafe or hangout at Starbucks but when it comes to the feeling of having that right steamy hot drink, most of us still want a good ol’ cup of tea. And we tea-lovers can’t seem to get through the day without a couple (Mostly on a weekday like today!).

Here is a list of 10 things all tea lovers would relate to.

1. You need your tea first thing in the morning.


It’s impossible for you to start your day until you’ve had your first fix. I’m so fond of my morning tea dose that there are days that I feel I wake up only because I want to have that hug in a cup (After fajr ofcourse!)

2. You have your own special way to make tea


People don’t understand that making a good tea is a super power.

3. You actually dread the thought of having bad tea.

HP5826 (1)

I don’t care how you pronounce this word but it’s so true!

4. Your tea has to be just the right color

cuppa7 tea color tester

5. There is a cup of tea for all occasions; at any time of the day


Happy, sad, day or night, tea blends with all situations.
One sip and you feel better instantly

6. No one can come in between you and your cup of tea

Because tea is serious business.


7. The distress when you realize that your tea has gone cold.


8. The mourning process when you drop a bit of biscuit in the tea.


Just when you’re loving the moment of dipping your favorite biscuit in your tea, it falls off in the cup.  And it distresses you even more to realize that both the tea and the biscuit are ruined.

9. You have a tea spot at home which is meant only for having tea


10. Your love for this drink is unmatched.


You know that you’d have married tea if it was a person. That’s how much it means to you. *wink wink* #JustBeingSilly


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