10 Things Every Jeddawi Loves About Jeddah

Photo Credit: boutjeddah.wordpress.com Photo Credit: boutjeddah.wordpress.com

By Mohammed Mirza

Jeddah has something for everyone, and those who’ve lived here can testify to that. Jeddah is home to many people who absolutely love love love it!

We asked what Jeddawis appreciate most about Jeddah and with the answers we got, we compiled this list of 10 things they love about J-Town.

1. The City is Alive 24/7.

Those who’ve lived abroad know how it feels like when the night begins, everyone rushes into their homes and shops close soon after. But in Jeddah it’s the opposite, life starts after Isha prayer. If you are lucky enough to spend Ramadan in Jeddah, you will realize that the life starts at around 12 a.m.

Photo Credit: abunawaf.com

Photo Credit: abunawaf.com

2. Its Proximity to the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah.

This is one of the greatest privileges of living in Jeddah. You can just rush to either city.

Photo Credit: myfzs.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: myfzs.blogspot.com

3. The Corniche

Jeddah, The Bride of the Red Sea, inhabits one of the most beautiful corniche locations there is. Be it early morning or late night, the view of the Red Sea from the corniche is just mesmerizing.

Photo Credit: deviantart.net

Photo Credit: deviantart.net

4. Charity

There’s always a charity campaign or a charity related event happening across town. Plus the countless charity offices dotted across the city make it easier for those who want to donate.

5. Fine dining

Serving all major cuisines from around the world with reasonable prices, Jeddah’s fine dining experience is what Jeddawis relish in. Even if you are in the mood for something quick and not so fancy such as shawarma, falafel, tameez or grilled chicken and rice, your call will be answered!

6. Al Baik

Since we are on the subject of food, Al Baik is the most loved fried chicken venue in Jeddah. Not only does it offer awesome quality food with great taste, it is also easy on the pockets.

Photo Credit: umarsiddiqi.com

Photo Credit: umarsiddiqi.com

7. The Diverse Culture

Thanks to the hundred plus nationalities that live in Jeddah, you are bound to have met people from all around the world, if you’ve lived here for a couple of years.

Photo Credit: patokallio.name

Photo Credit: patokallio.name

8. The Glitzy Road Show of Fancy Cars

On weekends, places like Tahlia St. are lined up with exotic cars. Lamborghinis, Ferraris and even Bugattis, you get to see them all. Not to mention that Tahlia St. is basically Jeddah’s Champs-Élysées with all its fancy stores.

Photo Credit: flickr.com

Photo Credit: flickr.com

9. Jeddah Open-Air Museum

The art sculptures that are predominantly located at roundabouts and at corniche are striking to look at, especially when stuck in traffic.

10. A Mall for Every Resident

That’s a broad statement, but Jeddah has a lot of malls! Each district has a mall, with numerous shops that suit everyone’s taste. Malls are so grandiose here, so it is not a shocker to find first time visitors to the city taking pictures of it.

Photo Credit: mallofarabia.com.sa

Photo Credit: mallofarabia.com.sa

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