10 Signs That Tell You Ramadan Is Here

Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

By Mohammed Mirza

The sighting of the crescent is normally the sign that Ramadan has begun, but for those living in Saudi like us, we tend to have a whole lot of signs that prove that Ramadan has begun.

1. Posters on the street seem to change overnight.

They all wish you a Ramadan Kareem. Not to mention the actual people walking around wishing each other a blessed month with huge smiles on their faces. It truly is a month of joy.


2. Ramadan decorations hang outside shops.

Fairy lights, lanterns, crescents and cloth with traditional designs make the streets look like the embodiment of the Ramadan spirit.

3. From Maghrib to Isha the streets are empty.

And post Taraweeh prayers it seems like the day has just begun. Upside down vill.


4. The mosques are crammed; so much so that many pray outside.

We didn’t even know we had that many people in our neighborhood! But then again who wouldn’t want to feel the serenity of the Ramadan prayers.

Photo Credit: sabq.org

Photo Credit: sabq.org

5. Even the supermarkets are full.

Almost like there’s a month round sale going on!

Photo Credit: sabq.org

Photo Credit: sabq.org

6. Vimto is back!

From pyramids of Vimto bottles in supermarkets to every dining table. Vimto is everywhere.

7. And everyone seem to carry a mus’haf and prayer beads with them
wherever they go.

Trying to finish the Quran from cover to cover. May Allah aid us on our mission and grant our prayers.

Photo Credit: abuaminaelias.com

Photo Credit: abuaminaelias.com

8. Ramadan special series return once again.

Chill on the couch after Maghreb prayer and iftar while you watch one of those shows and laugh out loud!

Photo Credit: qortuba.org

Photo Credit: qortuba.org

9. The smell of fried oil is all over!

Thanks to all the fried items that are cooked almost everywhere luqaimat, sambosas etc. But, would you be satisfied without that crunchy samboosak filling your mouth with yummy delight?

Photo Credit: shebayemenifood.com

Photo Credit: shebayemenifood.com

10. Everyone has miswak twigs in their pockets.

Trying to cover their breath with its fresh scent.


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