10 Self-Defense Tips Women Living In Saudi Should Be Aware Of

By Mohammed Mirza

Although Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, it can always come handy for women living in the country to be aware of these self-defense tips.

1. Memorize These Emergency Numbers

emergency number

Police – 999  |  Ambulance service (public) – 997  |  Fire / Rescue 998

2. If you are with a stranger in an elevator stand next to the floor buttons


In case you sense anything dubious or fishy you can press all the floor buttons. This will cause the elevator door to open at every floor, preventing a potential attacker from taking the step.

3. Download safety apps on your phone

Panic App

My Panic Alarm plays a loud, flashing alarm from your phone with just the touch of an icon. ‘Send Help’ is another useful app. One large button lets you send emergency SMS and emails to preset people besides letting you publish your location detail as your Facebook and Twitter statuses so your friends are alerted at once.

 4. Keep a pepper spray in your purse


Although quite common in the west, women living in Saudi Arabia hardly keep this potential life-saver.

5. Stay away from deserted streets


The chances of being attacked in a public place when compared to an isolated place are drastically low.

6. Learn how to get out of a wrist hold

Pull your arm from where the thumb and fingers of the attacker meet.

7. The swinging purse

Photo Credit:

This can cause more damage than you think.

8. Improvised weapons


Almost everything close to you can be turned into an impact weapon, such as a pen sitting in your pocket or your house keys. If you sense danger be ready to grab them instinctively if confronted.

9. Memorize basic pressure points


These are what you should be aiming for on an attacker.

10. And while you’re at it don’t forget to yell


The last thing an attacker wants is attention from the public.

It doesn’t really matter how small or weak you are physically; what matters is the spirit to defend inside you.

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