10 Rules To Stick By This Saudi National Day

Photo Credit: sauditourism.sa

23rd September is the day we go green, not the green as “HULK” , but the green which represents Islam, peace and the National Flag of Saudi Arabia.

Many people celebrate this special day by spending a whole day in the dessert with friends and families, away from the city lights, which is also a kind of a tradition. Some stay at home but most people join the long parades and rallies on the streets – an experience you don’t want to miss especially in Jeddah. Where the streets go really loud and gets chaotic, fun and very entertaining. But before you begin celebrating bare in mind these rules so that you have an even better National Day this time around.

1. Avoid quarrels.
Even if you are right.
2. Keep the city clean during the rally.
Let’s make it a habit from now on to keep our city clean.
3. Selfies, photographs and more selfies.
We know you were going to this without having us to tell you this.
4. Memorize the national anthem.
If you already haven’t.
5. Take part in traditional activities and events.
Ever tried.
6. Charge your phone to the max.
You’re going to be stuck in traffic for long.
7. Enjoy the freebies.
There will be many restaurants offering free food and shops offering massive discounts.
8. Arrive early to the catch the fireworks show right from the start.
Corniche is the place to see watch them light up the night sky.
9. Celebrate it in great unity.
Saudis and non-Saudis together as one.
10. Overflow social media by sharing your experiences of this special day.
As if we needed to tell you this.
I’m telling you, you can’t compare Saudi Arabia to other countries.Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal

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