10 Reasons Why Riyadhis Absolutely Love Taiba Market


By Reina Vidad Tejano

Let’s forget the mega malls of Riyadh for one minute and imagine the days when they didn’t exist. A simpler time devoid of retail brand names and fast food junctions; a time where all the needs of a common Saudi family could be found in a traditional souk (the Arabic term for market).

Here are 10 reasons why Riyadhis absolutely love Taiba market.

1. Cause it carries a traditional flair to it.



2. And it’s one of the oldest souks in the city.





3. From spices to fragrances, household items and furniture, thobes and abayas, toys and trinkets, you name it. Taiba Market has it all!


4. Plus bargaining is so much fun at Taiba market.


5. And it has something for men as well.


6. Have we mentioned how huge it is!


7. Almost everything you need could be found there.


8. But we do hate it when we get lost in it.


9. And can’t find the shop that we came there for.


10. But we still manage to shop till we drop by the time we leave it.



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