10 Modern Mosques From Around the World

We’re so used to seeing traditionally build mosques that when we see a contemporary construction it leaves us in a different kind of awe.

These modern mosques are so ingenious and beautiful that we wish we could pray in all of them!

1. Masjid Permata Qolba

The mosque was completed in 2013. It’s located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

2. Camlica Mosque

This mosque is encased in such greenery that sometimes it’s hard to believe it actually exists. Located in Istanbul, the mosque also contains an area for education and a public kitchen.

Photo Credit: architizer.com

Photo Credit: architizer.com

3. Sakirin Mosque

Designed by Zeynep Fadillioglu, the first woman to design a mosque in Turkey, this mosque comes with astonishing beauty. The large aluminum dome is complemented by the intricately patterned wall which reveals the illumination of the inside.  The inside is as breathtaking as the outside!

Photo Credit: archnet.org

Photo Credit: archnet.org

4. East Park Mosque

This fairly recent mosque is part of Bahrain’s Bay Development project.  The signature offset window feature provides natural light to the mosque.

Photo Credit: simals.com

Photo Credit: simals.com

5. Cologne Central Mosque

Located in Cologne, Germany, the mosque was designed by Paul Böhm. The mosque is inspired by Ottomon architecture but it looks pretty modern!  Gorgeous!

Photo Credit: snipview.com

Photo Credit: snipview.com

6. KAPSARC Mosque

It was designed by an American firm known as HOK. It is located in Riyadh’s King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center. Pretty close to home!

Photo Credit: hok.com

7. Penzberg Mosque

This beautiful mosque lights up around Maghrib and reveals its true grandiose. It’s located in Penzberg, Germany.

8. Fanar Mosque

Situated in Doha, this mosque is known as the ‘Spiral Mosque’. And rightfully so! It’s lovely and makes you want to stay a little longer.

9. Rijeka Mosque

It’s the first mosque in Rijeka and the third in Croatia. It was opened in early 2013 and thousands flock here to pray.

Photo Credit: theapricity.com

Photo Credit: theapricity.com

10. Yeşilvadi Mosque

Most mosques have domes but this mosque is literally dome shaped! It’s located in Istanbul and is one of the most famous mosques in the city.

Photo Credit: openbuildings.com

Photo Credit: openbuildings.com

Don’t forget to visit these mosques on your next trip around the world!

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