Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

10 Life Lessons You Learn When You Travel Solo

10 Life Lessons You Learn When You Travel Solo
Solo travel is a relatively new concept amongst Saudi travelers. When you tell someone that you’ve traveled solo – the expression on their face seems to change, almost as if they have just seen a ghost.
Only those who have traveled solo can understand the real beauty behind it. The success or failure of your travel depends on how you choose to look at your journey: once done, it is through solo travel that you get to grow and realize who you really are.

1- Independence
You don’t have to rely on anyone.You yourself have made the plan, you have faced the problems and you have single-handedly solved it – that too in a place you’re unfamiliar with. You are now independent; capable of getting yourself out of the worst situations.
2- You Love Being Completely Alone
For first timers, they will find it a bit odd to travel solo. Eventually, a point comes while traveling where you like the idea of being alone. Being in a place where no one knows you and everyone seems to mind their own business.
3- You Get To Meet Locals
Normally those who travel in groups hardly interact with locals (apart from asking for directions or ordering food), failing to experience what the life of a local is actually like –something you won’t be able to understand with tour groups. Traveling solo makes you more open to interaction with locals and perhaps even making new friends.
4- Your Intuition Takes The Front Seat
While travelling solo you ultimately make your own decision. You let your intuition guide you and you are free to change your itineraries at will, without having to worry about others’ plans.
5- Makes You More Responsible
It won’t necessarily transform you and don’t expect there to be a whole ‘new you’ after solo travel. You will notice the subtle changes at first, and when the more you travel you will realize the profound impact it has had on you.
6- You Don’t Mind Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone
This is one of the biggest life lessons you learn from solo travel. You develop of a habit of adapting to almost any environment without having people forming your comfort zone. You start venturing into the unknown, drifting away from your comfort zone at will.
7- You Learn To Adjust
Whether it’s adjusting to your accommodations or the weight/size limit on your luggage – these situations make you more adjusting in your life. After travelling even, when you encounter situations where you have to adjust or things don’t go your way.
8- You Start Loving Your Own Company
It’s you and you alone who have experienced those amazing moments on your journey. During your travel, there are times when you will adore the silence and allow yourself to take it all in, no matter how long it takes you. There will also be days in which you go by without having a conversation with anyone, but that doesn’t concern you at all, because you’ve started to love your own company by now.
9- You Get To Explore At Your Own Pace
You have a pace which you like to explore different places by. Perhaps you like brisk walking by the beach or walking slowly around a historic structure. You are free to do as you want.
10- You Start Trusting Yourself More Than Ever Before
You end up doing things you never thought you could have. It’s a journey of self-discovery. You are your own guide, friend and motivator.

On the whole, traveling solo helps you better understand what matters the most to you. So travel solo and liberate yourself.


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