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10 Effortless Ways to Have Good Vibes

10 Effortless Ways to Have Good Vibes

By Reem Zahid

Think, do you really want to spend the rest of your life in misery? No, no one does. So change your way of thinking right this moment and nourish yourself with good vibes instead.

Everybody needs some enthusiasm, fun, joy and love in their life, yet most don’t know how to discover it. Lifting your soul spiritually is like trying to heal a genuine bleeding wound, similar to when you can’t stop thinking about the horrendous past easily. Numerous times, harsh experiences draw one far from their identity and their true serenity’s peace of mind.

In the wake of having such experiences, one feels a loss of keen and excitement in their life. This prompts to a trouble and sadder vibes, read on to discover how to have and maintain good vibes.

1. Read Optimistic Inspirational Quotes


Regularly, read motivational quotes or stories. Surprisingly they can have an enormous positive impact on the pessimist seeking optimism and idealism, in other words, it will make you feel superb and perhaps give you happiness.

2. Recall

Think back to all the good times throughout your life, maybe even when a stranger told you how pretty you are or just smiled at you, or the accomplishments you did so far or when you met your partner in life.. these little throw backs will make you happier. Record and rewind them whenever you need a left up.

3. Admire Yourself For Who You Are


Love yourself as you are, self love (to an extent) has so many beneficials when it comes to spreading good vibes. When you are confident in your skin, you’ll give such inspiring and cheerful vibes to those around you. Remember, you are you, no one is a copy, not even a twin of yours! So embrace yourself, take part in things you do best, and beam when someone praises your win or efforts. This will make you not only a stronger being but a bigger, more optimistic person.

4. Go Out And Enjoy Each Moment


Go on treks with your friends, your family or any of your beloved ones. A little escape is always a good refreshing idea! So try to take short breaks or weekends away, it will surely distract you from life’s problems and make you feel better. Forget anything that stresses you and don’t cease from conversing and meeting new people. Appreciate and enjoy life as it is!

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5. Discover Your Passion

Everybody has a passion, for some it just takes more time to discover. This will give you hope and maybe can pave a way for you in life, as it has for so many successful people so far. Go into competitions that is related to your passion. Ask people what they believe you are great at, this will help you find your true passion quickly and discover yourself more; sometimes our beloved ones see in us things that we can’t see in ourselves, so a little opinion from them will never harm.

6. Think About Happy Stuff


Escape pondering and thinking about dark and negative things. Even if you have gone through a very bad experience, you can still have good vibes, anyone can! It’s all in your mind, once you change the way you think, your life will change afterwards. It’s all in your control, so choose the BEST FOR YOU.

7. Never Let Anyone Or Anything Put You Down


If someone/thing is bothering you and making you feel disturbed, sad or nervous. Immediately take a step and put limits for them and strengthen yourself. Sorting it out as soon as possible will stop the negative feelings to boil and grow up inside you. Don’t endure more than you can take. Always put your mind’s peace first.

8. Be Social

Tea time with scones
Tea time with scones

Got invited somewhere? Go and get loose! Be confident of yourself with everyone! Spread smiles and have random conversations with the person next to you. This is how friendships begin, so make them start! Socializing is a huge step in becoming a lively, cheerful person. Don’t talk about sadness ever, talk about lively delightful things only! Those random conversations can likewise help your state of mind and enlighten your mood.

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9. Accept others

Good vibes are felt by others when they feel accepted. Be flexible with everyone, take and give easily. If you know that something is wrong with someone else, don’t push it on them instead make them feel at ease. Acts of kindness go a long way in clearing any negativity on your path and in your vibes.

10. Work On Forgiving

There will be a lot of people who will hurt you and leave you behind reel in pain. If you think of them more often then you stand a chance to disturb your sense of peace and seem rancorous. Don’t give anything more energy than it deserves. Bad things happen to everyone, get over it. Seek forgiveness for your mistakes and don’t hesitate in forgiving those who wronged you in any way. A kinder and forgiving heart opens the doors to clearing your vibes and more importantly, a peaceful mind for yourself.

“Who spend [in the cause of Allah ] during ease and hardship and who restrain anger and who pardon the people – and Allah loves the doers of good.” (Qur’an, 2:134)


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