Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

10 Childhood Memories We Know You Cherish If You Grew Up In Saudi

10 Childhood Memories We Know You Cherish If You Grew Up In Saudi
We have many special moments from our childhood, ones that have been engraved
in our memories forever.

We wanted to relive some of them so we asked our readers to help us dot down this list of favorite childhood memories. Prepare yourself for a walk down memory lane.

1. Waiting for cartoons to come on TV.

Because we just couldn’t stream cartoons whenever we wanted to back then.



2. Going to the beach with the extended family during the weekends.

We had some real conversations and super fun games, no phones to steal us away.



3. Break time in school.

In which we tried to finish our lunch as quickly as possible so that we can go and start playing with our friends. We didn’t even bother eating lunch sometimes.



4. Visiting relatives in other cities.

Because that meant we won’t be bored during the summer.



5. School Trips.

Atallah Park or Fun Time Pizza are where you went to on some of your most memorable school trips.



6. Sleeping over at a friend’s or cousin’s place on Thursday nights.

We would want to stay up until the end of the movie, but that rarely happened.



7. The smell of Pizza Hut.

Because it was Pizza Hut that introduced us to tasty pizzas.



8. Going with your father to his office.

It felt so nice with all the attention we got at the office, even though such a trip seldom took place.



9. Talking to our friends over the landline.

Sometimes the talks went on for over an hour; what exactly did we have to talk about in the first place?



10. Playing arcade games in gaming centers.

Those graphics seemed so out of the world back in the day.


Maaaaan… what we would give to go back in time!



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