You Probably Missed These Weird July Celebrations

We all know about Mother’s Day and World Health Day. But what about the likes of Blame Somebody Else Day (May 13)?

  1. Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day (1st )

The excuse to eat more ice cream doesn’t get better than this.

  1. I Forgot Day (2nd )

Well, I guess you’re allowed to forget about this day.

  1. Compliment Your Mirror Day (3rd )

It’s a two way street. Apparently.compliment

  1. Umbrella Cover Day (6th)

They’re quite serious about this. There’s a museum and a Guinness World Record involved.

  1. Teddy Bear Picnic Day (10th )

Don’t forget to take Fluffy out for a picnic. Don’t Step on the Bee Day is the more mature celebration on the same day.



  1. International Town Criers Day (11th)

Back in the old days, town criers were pretty much the way people heard news (literally). 11th of July is, weirdly, the day they are recognised.

  1. Different Colored Eyes Day (12th)

Heterochromia or variation in the color of the eyes is a beautiful and mysterious phenomenon.

  1. Pandemonium Day (14th)

This weird celebration will set you free from the stress of a life lived too seriously.

Credits: tumblr

Credits: tumblr

  1. Gummi Worm Day (15th)

For the kid in all of us.

  1. Yellow Pig Day (17th)

America never fails to surprise us.

  1. Drive Thru Day (24th)

A day dedicated to eating on the go.national-drive-thru-day-july-24

  1. Take Your Houseplant on a Walk Day (27th)

Any excuse to show off your plants in the hood.

  1. Talk in an Elevator Day (29th)

Break the awkward silence.



Well, which one would you celebrate?

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