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What We Thought of Dip N Dip

So Dip N Dip has become one of THE most popular places in Sharqiya and you’re likely to always find it crowded, to the point of having to wait for ages for a table. We decided to finally give it a try and summarized the experience in a single word, this is what we thought: SWEET!
  • Dip N Dip Freezy: On its own this is ultra-delicious. Perfectly sweet and icy, this freezy even has chunks of Belgian chocolate that absolutely melt in your mouth, just like it says on the menu! Overall, 5/5.

freezy dipndip pic

  • Brownies and Cheesecake Pot: If you’ve ever had cheesecake brownies, you know how amazing they are. However, this pot tasted very little like cheesecake and a lot like chocolate overdose. We were practically jumping up and down halfway through, but not exactly from excitement. 3/5
  • Strawberry Dip Stick: They actually recommended that we add this on to our order for our two year old. Not really a bad choice. The chocolate is great, the strawberries are good and the baby loved it. So, 4/5.
Photo Credits: Nizam.Xzam Photography

Photo Credits: Nizam.Xzam Photography

All in all, I thought it was brilliant and I definitely would go back, but maybe order a strong coffee or iced tea to mute the chocolatey-ness just the slightest bit.

Instagram: @dipndipksa_

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