Wellness 2015: Be Fit Or Be Healthy


By Salma Al-Amoudi

A popular New Year’s Resolution is “I pledge to lose weight this year”, but is a better resolution “I pledge to be healthy?” Everyone realizes that exercise and a sensible approach to food are the key ingredients to a healthy life-style. Jeddahwis have a variety of resources to support them in their New Year’s goals, proving that it is possible to be thin, healthy & happy.

Photo Credit: the-fit-foodie.com
Photo Credit: the-fit-foodie.com

For expats and locals alike, exercise is always a top priority. Given the harsh summer climate, most people seek the indoor comfort of an air-conditioned gym to supply their year-round fitness needs, but mild weather should encourage them to jog, play football/basketball, or simply take a brisk walk every evening.

If it’s dieting that Jeddawis prefer, then the city has plenty of diet centers, which offer low-fat, low-calorie items as well as diet programs to help them succeed in their weight loss goals.

The newest category of fitness is called ‘Exergaming’ – a combination of exercise & computer gaming, which gives everyone a fun workout in the privacy of their homes. PS4, Xbox and Wii lead this market with amazingly realistic options from simple aerobics to tennis and skiing – it’s fun for the whole family. Last but not least, there’s always the surgical option, from cosmetic liposuction to more extreme gastric bypass. Whenever anyone is beginning a new diet or exercise regime, it’s always a good idea to have a full check-up with a doctor to ensure that the body can withstand the change.


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