Water War Z

Get your walking dead on with this Destination Riyadh original game.

Split participants into two groups: humans and zombies, where the zombies outnumber the humans.

Designate two headquarters for each team.


Objective: Find and bring back the cure vile to the HQ.

Weapons: Water guns filled with colored water (add food coloring).


  • One refill bucket for every two humans (limited ammunition).

  • Only shooting zombies on the head will eliminate them.

  • Should a team member get infected, eliminate the threat.

If you are infected you have to report to the zombie team, but if your team hasn’t noticed, you have a 30-second window to sneakily infect other members using chalk. Be careful not to get yourself caught/killed!


Preserve water and do not shoot aimlessly. Keep your buckets somewhere accessible, but if they are out in the open zombies can sabotage you.

Scapegoats are occasionally needed.


Objectives: Infect all humans, and protect cure vile without giving away its location.

Weapons: Infect people by marking them with chalk or face paint crayons.


Divide into two kinds: Walkers and Runners. Walkers must walk sluggishly while Runners can sprint into action whenever they choose. Walkers must outnumber Runners.


  • Try not to give away who the Runners are to keep it interesting.

  • Strategize to maximize your infections.

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