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Wagamama For A Soulful Culinary Experience

Wagamama, since its opening in 2016, has quickly become a local favourite for casual dining. The Japanese-inspired menu offers many culinary delights and soulful experiences.

Our visit to wagamama turned into an afternoon of abundance and relish. We started with the chili squid dusted with shichimi served with a chilli coriander dip and the lollipop prawn kushiyaki served with caramelized lime. The tangy kick of the lollipop prawn refreshes the taste buds and readies it for the meal ahead. The grilled chicken and duck gyoza are better options for those not very keen on seafood.

Warm chilli chicken salad:

wagamama-3A bed of baby gem lettuce was served topped with stir-fried chicken, red peppers, tender stem broccoli, mangetout and cashew nuts, amongst other salad-y details. The best way to eat the salad is to pick a leaf of lettuce and to fill it with the chicken and veggies. Crunchy and tender at the same time, the warm chilli chicken salad is as refreshing as it is satisfying. And the portion is marvellous!

Chicken katsu curry:

img_7341The katsu curry is a must-have at Asian restaurants, and wagamama’s chicken katsu curry does not disappoint. The perfect mound of rice is served with a lovely aromatic splash of the katsu curry, crowned with slices of crispy chicken. The side of salad balances the dish with its crisp freshness. A chopsticks-ful of sticky rice and chicken smothered in the curry sauce is perfection.

Teriyaki beef donburi:

img_7308This bowl of Japanese-inspired goodness is filled with sticky rice and topped with freshly shredded carrots, pea shoots and onions. The beef teriyaki is served with a side of kimchee, which add a tangy touch to every bite. My favourite part about the dish was the tender beef.

Beef sirloin steak soba:

Photo Credit: facebook I wagamama

Photo Credit: facebook I wagamama

The beef sirloin steak soba is easily one of the best beef noodle dishes I’ve ever tried. The soba noodles are topped with strips of tender beef and garnished with sesame seeds. The hint of curry oil and the bok choi and beansprouts add that perfect crunch to the dish.

Firecracker chicken:

wagamama-firecrackerThis is the dish for all spicy-food lovers. The steamed rice and richly flavored chicken and veggie ensemble is a treat.

Chilli sirloin steak ramen:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Wet noodles is a hit or miss for me, but this steak ramen with its spicy chicken broth is perfection. The fresh crunchy onion and beansprouts add texture to the dish. The spice hits at all the right spots and the ramen is cooked to excellence, it’s definitely a must-have.


Dessert at wagamama is a mix of the classics and the inventive tastes.

Banana katsu:

img_7360A scoop of salted caramel ice cream served with banana slices fried in panku breadcrumbs is the classic mix of hot and cold. This dessert is one of the most successful attempts at the fried banana technique.

White chocolate ginger cheesecake:

img_7367If you’re a ginger lover or a cheesecake enthusiast, then this unique combination is a must have. The kick of ginger in this cheesecake is the best end to any meal at wagamama.

Coconut Reika:

coconut-reikaThe coconut flavored ice cream comes with a generous sprinkle of coconut shaves. It’s tantalizing and refreshing!

Visit wagamama soon and tell us about your favorites!

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