Vegetarian Menu in Riyadh: Solved

You want to grab a bite with your family and friends but they’re carnivores and you’re a herbivore? And you just happen to live in Riyadh, the city where people fuel on meat. Kebdah for breakfast, kabsa for lunch, and probably another rice dish cooked with meat for dinner.

You might think restaurants hardly have any good vegetarian options in Riyadh, but you only need to look close, some of the most famous restaurants here have great vegetarian dishes that will make you and your company leaving with a smile and a few pounds.

Here are some of our favorites:

Najd Village

Traditional Saudi food doesn’t stop at home, Riyadhi’s favorite local food restaurant! Indulge yourself with comfort food at its best, Jareesh! Crushed wheat and milk magically transformed into a rich flavor that you can’t have enough of.

Zaatar w Zeet

For a light meal that’ll leave you feeling as light as you felt when you go in, Manakeesh Wild Zaatar wild thyme with special onion and tomato sauce on multi-cereal dough. Simple, and tastebud-pleasing.

Sushi Yushi

JAPANESE FOOD! (also great for all the pescitarians out there) There is a wide variety in the Hoso Maki Son section; cucumber, avocado, carrot, and philadelphia cheese.

  • Bonus point: order the vegetable tempura to help you resist the shrimp!

Lavash Cafe

The new ‘it’ place, you’ll surely end up there sooner or later. One order that caught our eyes is the Honey Rocca salad. Now that got you drooling, didn’t it?


Beautiful outdoor seating, and great service. Imagine winter in Riyadh, sitting outside sipping on a pumpkin or wild mushroom soup, then moving to Pesto Gnocchi and finish it off with a cronut and tea. That’s a great dining experience right there.


People usually reserve at least 3 days prior, and you can’t question them, their menu is gives your tummy butterflies! And the star of the show for all the vegetarian customers is *drum roll* MUSHROOM TAKIKOMI-GOHAN RICE.

La Rustica

Every Riyadhi vegetarian’s dream restaurant, literally only one thing in the menu that is not vegetarian. The seating area might not be the biggest, but once the food arrives you’ll be in your own bubble.

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