Unusual Concoctions We Love

Price: SR 25
(SR 27 with popcorn) Price: SR 25 (SR 27 with popcorn)

Move over orange juice and peanut butter shake.

It’s not easy to create good juices or drinks with unusual ingredients. These are the ones we think actually worked.

  1. Avocado with Halawa Tahinia, (Halva)
    The Juice Container

Price: SR 13

Price: SR 13

It’s not every day you come across halawa tahinia paired with avocado and nuts. We were instantly intrigued by this drink.

Location: Ahmad Al Attas St., Al Zahra’a Dist.
Instagram: thejuicecontainer

  1. Chilli Cinnamon Lemon, The Sandwich Gallery

Price: SR 15

Price: SR 15

If you want to pair your sandwich with a drink that sends a zing to your bones, pick this refreshing cooler! It’s not always that you add chili to your drink.

Location: U-Shape Center, Rawdah Dist.
Instagram: thesandwichgallery

  1. Melon with Coconut, The Juice Factory

Price: SR 10

Price: SR 10

This milkshake sounds quite unusual, and it was. The sweetness of the melon pairs surprisingly well with mildly nutty and sweet flavor of the coconut.

Location: Ahmed Al Khattabi St., Prince Fawaz Southern Dist.
Instagram: juice_factory_jeddah

  1. Cardamom with Popcorn, Toqa Coffee

Price: SR 25 (SR 27 with popcorn)

Price: SR 25
(SR 27 with popcorn)

Toqa offers some really interesting cold coffee flavors like cardamom, rose and saffron. But we’re a little blown away with their caramel popcorn coffee! Very Instagram-worthy; it’s topped with fresh popcorn.

Location: Jeddah Square, Prince Sultan Rd.
Instagram: toqacoffee


  1. Saffron Juice

Price: SR 40

Price: SR 40

We’d never had Saffron juice until we came across it here. Their delivery menu is loaded with tantalizing Iraqi food with a Saudi twist, and this saffron juice stands out.

Instagram: albastooga

  1. Golden Drink

Price: SR 35

Price: SR 35

This nutritious and healthy golden drink is a filling concoction made with almond milk, turmeric root that gives it the sunny color, and some ginger root. This will make your skin glow and fight inflammation.

Instagram: goingnuts664

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