Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Ultimate Gift Guide for Ramadan

Ultimate Gift Guide for Ramadan
The month of giving is upon is, and we have the perfect gifts for you to give away!


yatooq article ramadan gifts

What’s better to get your loved one than an arabic coffee machine on Ramadan? With the load of pre-iftar work they’ll have, they’ll probably kiss you for taking the burden of making arabic coffee from their shoulder. Plus, the aroma that the machines leaves in the house will instantly give them the caffeine dosage they need without breaking their fast!

Chopped Gift Basket

Chopped gift basket

All the Ramadan necessities in one basket. Customize your own with sambosa, kebba, marinated meat, vimto, and it even comes with a lantern!


Dessert article

Nothing like a sugar dosage with arabic coffee after iftar, get your loved ones a box of chocolate, or even buy traditional dessert. Find our favorite kunafa place here.


Quran Ramadan gifts

Muslims from all around the world try to read the whole Quran during this holy month, make the process prettier and get them a Quran they’ll be excited to read from, get a customized one from Sumou Gifts


Sabha ramadan gifts

Keep a sabha in their hands for istighfar with a pretty stone! Customize your own from Dimoda


Miswak- Ramadan gifts

Fight off the bad breath of fasting by using a miswak, help with the insecurity that they have with getting them a miswak from any mini mart or go fancy and get them THIS Miswak: This is a tooth brush


Oud Ramadan gifts

Go all out and get and get luxurious arabian perfumes, something to wear during Eid or special Ramadan occasions. Oud has a special place in Islam and all Arabs around the world, find a wide varitey in AlDakheel Oud



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