Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Turkish Breakfast in Jeddah: Gulnar Bakery and Cafe

Turkish Breakfast in Jeddah: Gulnar Bakery and Cafe

Let’s just say we had a really great time!

Located on Prince Sultan Road is a Turkish bakery & café fit for diehard lovers of breakfast and Turkish TV dramas. Gulnar Bakery is a refreshing addition to the plethora of breakfast joints in Jeddah. The restaurant derives its name from “gul” and “nar” which mean flower and pomegranate, respectively.

On our visit to Gulnar Bakery we tried a wide array of their breakfast menu, which is an all-day feature! Our meal began with a strong cappuccino served on a rustic wooden tray, a touch I personally appreciated. Here are the highlights from our meal:


  1. Freshly baked Turkish bread with an assortment of sides.

This dish offers a range of flavors and textures that you can spread on the soft bread; a couple of kinds of cheeses, olives, jam, boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes and even Nutella.

  1. Tray of assorted borek.

Borek is a Turkish pastry roll that’s served at Gulnar stuffed with spinach, cheese or potato. It goes really well with coffee!

The Sandwiches

  1. Bagel club sandwich.

Fluffy omelet, slices of mortadella, lettuce and juicy tomatoes are layered between carved seeded bagels. The club sandwich is a hearty meal served with potato chips.

  1. Mortadella or sujuk sandwich with cheese.

This flavorful sandwich is served with a filling portion of salad. If you enjoy simple sandwiches with not much fuss where ingredients are concerned you’ll really enjoy the mortadella or Turkish sujuk variation.

  1. Salmon sandwich.

Also served with salad, this is a must-try if you enjoy seafood. The thin slices of salmon are topped with sliced olives and parsley to bring out the salty-sweet taste.


  1. Sugar Rush!

A large slice of baqlawa stuffed with vanilla ice cream is an unforgettable dessert at Gulnar. The sweet bread dessert served with Nutella does not overwhelm the senses but is likely to satisfy the craving completely.


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