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Trending: Luke Aikins’s Death-Defying Freefall Had Us Catch Our Breath!

This week was exciting for Harry Potter fans, but Luke Aikins kept quite literally everyone on the edge of their seats.

Aikins gracefully performed a sky dive stunt, sans parachute. It would have powdered anyone’s body, but Aikins came down on a net without scratch. The net was only as large as a football feild, around 100 by 100 ft. The skydiver will be remembered for centuries alongside fellow Redbull Athlete Felix Baumegartner.

Here are some facts about Luke Aikins that you should know:

  1. He’s not the first to land without a parachute.
    Well, technically Luke Connery is the first to land without one. Connery performed a jump of 2,400 feet using a wingsuit to guide his landing. Aikins jumped from a height of 25,000 ft.
  2. He has jumped out of planes over 18,000 times.
    That’s a lot of skydiving. Aikins’s first sky dive was at the age of 12, and his first solo dive around four years later. He skydives a few hundred times every year.
  3. He was Felix Baumgartner’s backup jumper.
    That explains a lot!
  4. He’s a family man.
    He has a little kid and a wife who is also a skydiver. She has jumped 2,000 times – less than him but more than most of us.
  5. He performed stunts for the Iron Man 3 movie.
    In case you had any doubts about how cool he is.
  6. He ditched a parachute last minute.
    The Screen Actors Guild required him to wear one, but he ditched it before his jump.
  7. Aikins initially refused to do the stunt.
    When his bestfriend came up with the idea, Aikins said he’d find somebody else who could take the risk. But he was restless and decided to go for it.
  8. It’s in his blood.
    Skydiving is a large part of Aikins’ family history. Both his father and grandfather were skydivers. The family currently owns the skydiving business known as Skydive Kapowsin in Tacoma.

Follow him on IG: lukeaikins

Watch the video here:

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