Traveling By Private Jet from Saudi Arabia

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Ease and comfort are two of the most important factors travelers look for, whether they are traveling for business or pleasure Everyone wants their journey to be devoid of any discomfort or problem. So whether you are taking a business trip, a summer vacation or going on a honeymoon, consider one of the following award winning luxury airlines based in the Middle East:

Chocks Away:

It offers private jet charter solutions for corporate and private clients looking for flexibility, privacy and luxury. And it has also been nominated for Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter for the past three years.
Tel: +44-1252-835794

Saudia Private Aviation:

Founded in 2009 by Saudi Arabian Airlines, SPA promises luxury, privacy and the highest standards of safety. SPA’s fleets can hold between 6 to 16 passengers and are ideal for luxury travel no matter what your itinerary.
Tel: 920013310


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NasJet is the largest and fastest growing private jet operator in the Middle East and one of the top ten in the entire world. NasJet offers large and midsize jets with the capacity of 7 to 14 people. While NasJet is the ideal option for any business trip(city-to-city or transcontinental), they also offer Honeymoon, Summer and Hajj & Umrah Jetcards for varied travel options.
Tel: +966-11-2172070

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Vista Jet:

VistaJet was founded by Thomas Flohr in 2004 with the aim of redefining private aviation. He wanted to start a revolution in the skies that would offer clients unrivalled choice, luxury, a simple business model and, of course, safety.
Tel: +44-2070-605700

Air Charter International:

Established in 1994 in Dubai, ACI provides aviation services including aircraft lease and charter services. ACI believes in providing reliable, cost effective service and has been nominated for Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter award every year since 2009.
Tel: +971-4-8070707

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Royal Jet:

It is an award-winning international luxury flight services provider based in Abu Dhabi. Royal Jet has been awarded as Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter and World’s Leading Private Jet Charter, and was named the Business Jet Provider of the Year in 2010. Royal Jet guarantees a matchless experience in luxury travel.
Tel: +971-2-5051777

Al- Tayyar Group:

It is one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia with prominent local and international branches and has been awarded as the best tour operator in the Middle East. Al-Tayyar ensures competitive prices and prompt reservations.

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