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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Toy Town Activities For Kids Center in Jeddah

Toy Town Activities For Kids Center in Jeddah

One of the most popular evening and weekend activities in Jeddah is taking the family to one of the many malls. Thankfully, almost all of them have indoor play centers so children can also enjoy the mall experience.

Toy Town is Jeddah’s newest mall play center, located inside Stars Avenue Mall above Manuel’s.

Toy Town offers amusement park rides, video games and skill games. Some of the games dispense tickets after play to be exchanged for prizes at their shop. Toy Town has rides similar to other play centers, but they do have a new target practice game where kids use laser guns to shoot at targets from a moving train. They also have a roller coaster, carousel swings and the famous ride where kids are raised up to a dizzying height then dropped!  For the parents, there are numerous benches available close to the attractions.

A gaming card is required to use the rides or games. The cards are loaded with a certain amount of credit and an amount is deducted at the entry point of each ride. The more you pay when you load your card, the more credit you will receive. For example, a purchase of SR 130 is worth SR 180 in credit, SR 210 is worth SR 325 in credit, and a SR 400 investment gets you SR 700 in credit.  Prices for activities vary, from around SR 8 up to SR 12 per ride.

Other attractions inside Toy Town, include a kids’ hair salon where cuts are SR 30 for boys and SR 40 for girls, and a kids’ cafe offering cotton candy, popcorn, frozen ice drinks and a small sitting area.


Birthday Packages are available for a minimum of 25 children at a rate of SR 75 per child. The decorated private party room, complete with tables and chairs, is yours for 3 hours. Each child receives either a chicken burger or chicken nuggets, and a playing card good for 2 hours of play.  If you plan your party here, remember that rides close during prayer time, so depending on your schedule, you may lose 30 minutes of playtime. If you would like to book a birthday party, please call the manager at 050-9785877 or 012-2753812.

Hours of Operation
Saturday-Wednesday: 10am-12pm, 4pm-10pm
Thursday: 10am-12pm, 4pm-12am
Friday: 4pm-12am



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