Top Dishes to Order at Kalila for When You Really Want Breakfast All Day Long

Destination Jeddah team is touring different breakfast spots around Jeddah to map out all the routes you can take to have the most important meal of the day.

First on our list is Kalila

Top 5 Things we loved about Kalila:

  • All day breakfast!!! Around the clock deliciousness!
  • Freshly baked bread. The dough slowly rising in the hallowness of the oven made our hearts beat faster!
  • Atmosphere: The lovely interior, the calming music and the pleasant service all make Kalila WIN!
  • Pick of the month dishes. It was (what kind) pie for April.
  • Fresh juice, because people at Kalila care about your health as well as your taste buds.

We ordered a wide variety of dishes, and we mean wide alright!

So we picked out our favorite dishes and want you to try them out next time you are there.


Kalilah-1That’s Turkish bread that is complimentary served. So you are bound to try it out anyways. Its fluffiness and different flavors (plain/thyme/ raisins and nuts) are great.


IMG_9017The uniquely made egg dish with a hint of orange color to it tops our list. It was just so moist and fit perfectly when scooped up with the shami bread.


Kalila-MutabbagIf you thought Kalila wouldn’t be the place for Saudi dishes, you were wrong. The restaurant serves a selection of Saudi dishes and mutabag is one of the finest.

Fattet Hummus:

Kalila-FattahLook at that beauty! Should always order it.


Kalila-mesahaba(hummus with tahini): Basically Kalila excels at anything with hummus involved.

Spinach mana’eesh:

Kalila-SpinachIt is indeed pretty unique, a different combination of dough and zesty flavor than other spinach mana’eesh.

Nutella and Strawberry pancakes:

dfgdfgThis meal is for those who don’t believe desserts are suitable for breakfast!

Thanks Kalila.

Location: The Courtyard City, Al Rawdah St., Al Khalidiya Dist.

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