Top 8 Restaurants for 2020

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You voted – here are the top restaurants to watch out for this year.

Our New Year’s resolutions have been made and we usually feel ready to conquer the world this time of year. Since we are finally in 2020, it’s only fair to start it right with the top restaurant picks so you don’t have to go through crummy food experiences. According to the voices of our audience on social media, these are the top places in the Kingdom for your 2020 food checklist. The categories were divided into: Casual dining, Breakfast spots, Cafés, and breakthrough places that opened within last year.

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Casual Dining

Uncle Khalil’s BBQ
It is a central Texas BBQ cuisine that only delivers to your destination. Although they don’t have a restaurant, Uncle Khalil’s BBQ has made its way to people’s hearts through their tummies and was ranked the top casual kitchen in Jeddah. Their slow cooked smoky meat brisket is the literal melt-in-the-mouth experience. If you’re asking, they receive orders through WhatsApp.

Mob: +966- 542808863
Instagram: uncle_khalils_bbq

ST. 56
ST. 56 was second on the list, making it a must-try restaurant for 2020. This Asian ‘street food on a plate’ concept has won the votes of many residents in Jeddah, being known for its exceptional shrimp noodles and boa plates.

Location: 7843 Ahmad Al Attas, AZ Zahra Dist., Jeddah
Mob: +966-542077601
Instagram: streetfiftysix

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URB Kitchen
According to our Jeddah people, Urb Kitchen takes the win when it comes to the ultimate breakfast spot in the city. The ambiance is so friendly and comfortable it makes you never want to leave. Simple but diverse, their breakfast menu checks off all cravings that come to mind, while their coffee is remarkable, too. The eggs benedict and French toast are so filling, they are a must-try.

Location: 7051 As Salamah District, Zahran Business Center, Jeddah
Tel: +966-12-6393267
Instagram: urbkitchen.ksa

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Sourced Photo


Brew92 Café
Known for their creative coffee drinks, friendly baristas, and neat interior, this place radiates good vibes. Salted Cow Latte and Ice Pistachio Latte are the people’s top choices. You can smell their mouthwatering desserts the second you walk in. Make sure to try the lemon cake.

Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal, Al Khaldiyyah, Jeddah
Tel: +966-12- 6061142
Instagram: brew92cafe

Medd Coffee
Medd Coffee offers high-end coffee beans that are freshly roasted and brewed. The warm setting and simple wooden interior puts you in the relaxing mode you sometimes need. Medd is known for being the ideal reading destination. So if you want to catch up on your reading, you know where to go. Needless to say that if you appreciate good coffee, you will also enjoy this place, because their coffee is incredible.

Location: Beach Tower, Cornishe Rd, Ash Shati, Jeddah
Instagram: meddcoffee

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Sourced Photo

Favorite Newcomer

Baco Restaurant was the top choice by our audience as it received remarkable reviews all around. Baco is an Asian-Mexican fusion concept that serves baos, tacos, and tapas. The food styling at this restaurant was very attractive that it made us try out the place instantly. Let us just say, the food is as striking as its styling.

Location: Boulevard, Ash Shati, Jeddah
Mob: +966- 500062142

Editor’s Picks

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

Ash Café
For our editors’ pick, we selected Ash Café in Jeddah as one of our top coffee shop choices for 2020. Their coffee is made to perfection, you can taste the strong coffee in any drink you order, and that’s what we look for in a coffee house. The ambiance is cozy, the baristas are gracious and their drinks are divine. A definite YES from us.

Location: 3577 Quraysh, As Salamah, Jeddah
Mob: +966-541045110
Instagram: ashcafes

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Sourced Photo

Black Cardamom
Their rich aesthetic surrounded by striking crisp greenery will put you in the right mood for their vegan signature dishes. This restaurant in Jeddah offers a variety of unique blends, scrumptious pancake assortments, and garden-fresh salads. Black Cardamom is a health-conscious restaurant that won’t leave you feeling guilty. It definitely made it at the top of our casual dining list.

Location: 8212 Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz, Al Andalus Dist., Jeddah
Mob: +966-553206187
Instagram: blackcardamomksa

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