Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Top 7 Cat Cafes Around the World

Top 7 Cat Cafes Around the World

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with cats. See, my mother is not only petrified of feline creatures but also allergic, so for a long time I instinctively kept my distance from them.


However, with the new age of innumerous cat videos, I couldn’t resist straying (pun intended) from my inherit path of shrieking deliriously whenever I see a real life Garfield. I am sure many can relate to my tragedy. Whether you have family members that are allergic or have landlords who don’t allow pets. I have found the purrfect solution to get your inhibited cat craze fulfilled – cat cafes. A cat café is a theme café in which these enthralling trolls can be played with, in a form of “supervised indoor pet rental”. The café staff is typically human.

Therefore, in honor of International Cat Day and the fact that I can’t bring a furry friend home without being ostracized by mom, I have compiled a countdown list of the most unique cat cafes around the world. So get your bags ready!

7. Blue Cat Café – Austin ,Texas  (USA)

What a funky fun place!

6. `Neko No Niwa – Singapore


This café provides a yoga service with cats!

5. Temari Na Ouchi – Tokyo, Japan


This cat café is a fairytale theme!

4. Café Neko – Vienna, Austria


This was Europe’s first cat café.

3. Les Cafes des Chats – Paris, France


They serve organic and healthy foods.

2. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – London, England

This kitten haven offers afternoon and high tea.

1. Everywhere – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


If you’re not in the mood of travelling abroad, the next best thing is to buy some coffee and treats from your local (or international) café, and then just go sit outside! They are plenty of stray cats traipsing around the streets of Jeddah, so take advantage of the free charge and fresh air. You can even take one of the munchkins home, after you’ve sterilized them of course.



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