Top 6 Transnational Road Trips From Saudi

Being right in the center of the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia shares a border with numerous countries. All of them are accessible via road, which gives one living in the Kingdom plenty of opportunities for road trips.

Depending on which city in Saudi you are starting from, these trips can take entire day or be an overnight journey. If you travel during the night you can even let the windows down and take in gusts of cool desert air and admire the star-studded sky. Here are the best road trips that one can take out of Saudi Arabia.

6. Saudi To Kuwait

This is a road trip recommended only once you’ve tried the others mentioned in the list. You’ll travel over a fantastic wide and open drive on a sweeping road that is carved though the Ad-Dahna Desert. If you are lucky enough you’ll get to see stunning sand dunes. Cause on this road there is hardly much one can expect to see. You can however make a stopover at Jubail and visit the Royal Commission, which is one the Kingdom’s biggest developmental projects.

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5. Saudi To Qatar

To reach Qatar one has to go through the oasis of Al Ahsa. So prepare yourself to witness plenty of lush green palm trees, that have stretches of desert as a backdrop. You’ll have to travel through the capital of Al Ahsa – Hofuf, which is emerging modestly as a tourist center. From Hofuf, the Qatar border is just over a 140 kilometers. Don’t forget to stop by the stunning caves of Jabal Qara while on this route as it sits just outside Hofuf. Jabal Qara is bound to be the star attraction on this road trip.

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4. Saudi To Bahrain

This is by far the most popular land border crossing in the country. To go on this road trip you have to reach the city of Al Khobar and from there you can catch the iconic 25-km-long King Fahd causeway. The causeway twists and turns as it passes through the sea, giving riders beautiful vistas of the Arabian Sea. Just don’t go on the causeway during peak times, as you may get stuck in traffic for hours. There are also plans to build another causeway to the Island Kingdom of Bahrain.

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3. Saudi to UAE

The Emirates is the “it” journey for road trip lovers. You’ll be passing through the city of Al Kharj in Saudi, so don’t forget to check out its historic wells. Some believe that these wells were made due to asteroid impacts, owing to their gigantic size. In the UAE, the obvious places that you’ll be heading to, is Dubai or Abu Dhabi. So get ready for a scenic coastal ride once you cross the border as both cities are located on the further end of the Emirates. Plus once inside the UAE, it’s always much better to explore it in your own car, as the place is notorious for burning holes in one’s pocket.

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2. Saudi to Jordan

This is the quintessential Saudi road trip. There are 3 border checkpoints to Jordan and all roads that lead to it are absolutely mesmerizing. Running through patches of the Nafud Desert – unless you choose the coastal route that is less scenic, you can safely expect to see many spires of sandstone rocks and other spectacular sandstone formations on your way. On this trip even amateur photographers can end up taking masterpieces. And since there are hardly any major cities on the road to Jordan, save for Tabuk which is right at the very end – remember to keep yourself well stocked.

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1. Saudi To Oman

If you’re looking to satisfy a serious case of wanderlust, you can’t go wrong with this one. The longest road trip on our list, the current route to Oman is via UAE. So pass through the metropolises of UAE and enter Arabia’s best kept travel secret – Oman. You’ll encounter charming coastal towns, nature reserves, dramatic mountain ranges and plenty of opportunities for trekking, fishing and bird watching. Moreover there are also plans to build a direct route to Oman, which will pass through the enigmatic Rub Al Khali desert.

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So fill up your tank and drive till the road ends.

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