Top 5 Things To Have For Breakfast at Cookshop

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Hello break-fest musketeers, or breakfesteers? No?

This time we take you to Cookshop, one of the best Turkish restaurants here in J-Town.

The décor gives off a very lively vibe with red and white being the most dominant colors. We went in the morning, so sunlight shone bright on everything. The restaurant is very spacious with amazing details on the walls, ranging from posters to 3D shapes and other relics. The ceilings are truly work of art; make sure you check them out when you head there.

Cookshop-Breakfast-PlatterBreakfast Platter: With a selection of cheese, jam, olives and more. Just look at this beauty and when you go there, order it. Doesn’t matter what time you go there, because the platter is served all day! SR 49

MenMenMenemen: “Shakshooka” the Turkish way. Eggs with tomatoes and pepper that is smoking hot. Yes, it’s true; food here stays warm! What is this sorcery? SR 25

Cookshop--GuzlemeGozleme: A Turkish dish made of Peta vegetables, minced meat and kashkaval cheese. This is a new item and is not for those on a diet, just sayin! It also comes filled with different stuffings.

Cookshop-EggsSucuklu Yumurta: Another traditional Turkish dish with eggs and sausages. The sausages emit such flavorful spices that dance on your taste buds. SR 29

Turkish tea and Orange juice. Both drinks are a must have! Orange juice is typical of any breakfast and Turkish tea is part of the culture.

You can’t go wrong with breakfast at Cookshop!

Instagram: cookshopksa
Location: Tahlia St., Al Andalus


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