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Top 5 Must Have Gadgets For Hajj

Get Your Qur'an Buds For Hajj!

The month of Dhul Hijjah has begun and the pilgrims are getting ready to embark on their healing journey of Hajj. The process of Hajj involves pilgrims embarking on a multi-day journey lasting five to six days, beginning in Mina and culminating with the Tawaf ritual around the Ka’bah in Makkah. The entire expedition can be a difficult one, especially for those going for the first time. In an attempt to make this beautiful journey a less tiring one, we at Destination have picked out the top five must-have gadgets you’ll need in order to have an easier Hajj experience.   


Qur’an Buds

Reading the Qur’an is an important part of anyone’s Hajj journey, and it could be tricky to carry it in hand and read while walking for some. To make it easier on you, iToddle, the online store has introduced a gadget named Qur’an Buds. It is a small and compact gadget with earphones where you can listen to the entire Qur’an with your chosen reciter. 

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iQibla Smart Zikr Ring

Introduced by iToddle as well, the Zikr Ring is the world’s first smart tasbih ring that is not only designed to keep your athkaar on count, but also has other features such as locating the right direction of the Qibla and gives a reminder for the five daily prayers. In addition, it can be used as a time reading ring.

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Mini Misting Spray Fan

An obvious encounter during your endeavor on Hajj would be the sweltering summer heat of Saudi Arabia. A useful instrument to beat the heat would be a misting spray fan. Found on Amazon and Noon, the misting fan is a compact and handheld fan that has a compartment to fill with water, and is sprayed once you turn the fan on, allowing you to feel cooler. 

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Neck Cooling Fan

Similar to the misting fan, the neck cooling fan is also a gadget favored especially during the hot weather, and will be a great item to take during your trek throughout Hajj. Settled easily upon your neck, the cooling fan is bound to keep you cool from the neck up and is rechargeable or battery powered.

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Mini Portable AC

Ideal for a warm day outside, the mini portable AC offers efficient cooling and adjustable settings to keep you comfortable wherever you are. With their portability and easy installation, portable mini ACs are perfect for use especially in the tents, or outdoor spaces.

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