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Top 5 Escape Rooms in Jeddah

Top 5 Escape Rooms in Jeddah

Summer is coming up and what better way to spend it than doing exciting activities with your family and friends? A part of the many activities and events taking place in Jeddah this summer, escape rooms are a must try and definitely worth visiting. From horror rooms that swarm your insides with thrill and excitement, to testing your knowledge and skills with arduous riddles in adventure filled rooms, visiting an escape room is the perfect outing with a large group. Therefore, Destination has picked out some of the public’s favorite Escape Rooms in Jeddah in the list below. 


The Escape Hotel

Home to horror rooms, The Escape Hotel is a must try experience for you and your squad. If you are looking for an experience that involves extreme thrill and solving difficult riddles within a time limit, and in the dark with fellow creepers following you, this is definitely the next place on your list. Five rooms total, guests love specifically two rooms; The Mummy and The Kitchen.  


Instagram: theescapehotel

Location: Safia Bint Abdulmutalib St, Al Mohammadiyyah

Tel: +966-501705577

Top 5 Escape Rooms in Jeddah

Game Over

Wit, an adventurous spirit and remarkable time management skills is what you would need if your next destination is Game Over. Not your ordinary escape room, Game Over offers rooms that are suitable for all guests, whether your choice is  horror rooms such as Horror Circus or you simply want to test your problem solving skills in The Lost City of Atlantis, Game Over welcomes you with open arms. 


Instagram: gameover_jeddah

Location: Al Yamamah, As Salamah


Top 5 Escape Rooms in Jeddah


Want to experience the thrill of carrying out an intense heist or escape a secret chamber with riddles that have you turning your thinking screws? The Professor, Mr. Black and many others await your much anticipated arrival at MazeBox, an escape room with four main rooms, all with their own unique stories and mysteries to solve. A fan favorite is the black and white Secret Chamber.


Instagram: mazebox

Location: Hanzalah Al Abshamey, AZ Zahra District


Top 5 Escape Rooms in Jeddah

Never Out

Opened in 2021, Never Out does not hold your average concept of the red carpet. The escape room is known for its long hallway that has a red carpet spread in front of its visitors and a room awaiting them on either side of them as they walk down the hall. With four rooms guests favor especially ‘The Ring’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’.


Instagram: neverout_escaperoom

Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal, Al Khalidiyyah


Top 5 Escape Rooms in Jeddah

Transition Escape 

Located on Hadiqat Rami, Transition Escape is the latest escape room that has opened up in Jeddah. With their neon interiors, they have two main rooms, Flight 9 also known as The Saw room and Flight 30, a room where you’re stuck in the future. Choose either one and you’re guaranteed an amazing experience that will make you feel as though you are living a movie scene in real time. 


Instagram: transitionescape

Location: Hadiqat Rami Street


Top 5 Escape Rooms in Jeddah


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