Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Top 5 Communities and Social Hubs in Riyadh

Top 5 Communities and Social Hubs in Riyadh

Looking to be a part of a large community that shares your likes and interests? We’ve got you covered, here are our top pics for some of the best communities to join in Riyadh. 


RWG Community

The RWG Community, is the Kingdom’s largest women’s fitness community, dedicated to making fitness accessible to all that started and introduced by a group of female fitness enthusiasts, they welcome women of any age to join and enjoy activities, which include, mall walks, yoga, online workouts, and bike rides. Partnering with various fitness communities, they promote wellness and an active lifestyle year-round, inspiring women to stay active.

Instagram: rwg_community



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Almashtal Community

Almashtal is a nurturing space for young creatives, fostering sustainable growth in the region’s creative economy. It’s a vibrant community that offers workshops, open workspaces, labs, and outdoor areas for those talented in fashion, media, arts, and much more. The community’s focus is to enable their members by providing them with the right resources, and the benefit of networking and personalized experiences.





Misnad Community

Misnad Community in Riyadh’s JAX District is an exclusive space for Saudi’s up and coming creative scene. Offering artistic tours and exhibitions,
they actively support and promote local talent and foster creativity. With specialized initiatives, Misnad supports artists to achieve their creative goals. Their grand opening in February, took place at the JAX District and marked a new chapter in Saudi’s artistic landscape.

Location: JAX District, Al Diriyah Al Jadidah




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Azman specializes in organizing outdoor experiences, offering adventures like camps, hikes, and gatherings with various activities. From sunset trips to night expeditions, they organize moments of exploration and excitement. Their diverse range of activities include yoga, cycling, board games, and more, suitable for nature lovers and those who seek adventure. They also host company dinners, team-building events, and customized outdoor experiences.

Instagram: azmansaudi



Level Up

Level Up is a space for ages 21 and above, offering a community-based experience focused on creating memorable moments with friends. Located in Hittin District, this two-story space is perfect for hanging out and relaxing, offering a variety of activities such as board games, PlayStation gaming, a mini podcast room, a café, book club and much more. Every week, they have a schedule out for all the group activities to be hosted in that week.

Location: Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Awal Rd., Hittin Dist.

Mob: +966-555428767

Instagram: lvlupsocialhub



Important Note:

A lot of these communities post their schedules/ upcoming trips on their Instagram pages, so make sure to check them out.



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