Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Top 5 Communities and Social Hubs in Jeddah

Top 5 Communities and Social Hubs in Jeddah

Looking to be a part of a large community that shares your likes and interests? We’ve got you covered, here are our top pics for some of the best communities to join in Jeddah. 


Jeddah Tribe

Welcome to Jeddah Tribe, a thriving local triathlon club and racing event that doubles as
a community based platform. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, the community focuses on embracing your passion, drive, consistency, and dedication. Their mission is to lead in organizing multi-disciplinary sporting events, with a vision to foster a healthier community.

Instagram: jeddahtribe




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Jeddah Running Community

The Jeddah Running Community, a non- profit organization founded in 2013, unites many individuals with a passion for running. Welcoming all ages, they focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle and strive to create a society that unlocks the full potential of every member. Through various activities such as running training, events, and charitable initiatives, they promote wellbeing, creating a supportive, lively and positive atmosphere.




Go Outdoors Club

The Go Outdoors Club is an exciting community of adventurous travelers that come together by their passion for exploration. Their mission is to push and showcase the spirit of adventure and promote Saudi tourism among young people. They organize a range of exciting trips and outings, including daytime and night time hikes, trips to the sea, or trips to different countries, catering to an active community eager to explore and try new experiences.

Instagram: jeddah_go_outdoors


Mob: +966-546160639



JED Board Games Community

JED Board Games is a vibrant community dedicated to growing the board game culture in Jeddah. Founded by Anas Bukhari and Kholoud Faqih, they organize various board game events in different places, some which included Hayy Jameel and Akiba Cafe, offering over a hundred challenging board games. Their mission is to educate and inspire individuals about the world of board games, promoting daily play as a fun bonding activity for friends and family
across generations.

Instagram: jedboardgames

Mob: +966-562760519



Masaha Community

Masaha Community is a platform dedicated to creating mental health awareness for the youth and younger generations. Starting as a Youth Mental Health Summit, it has gained attention among high schoolers and young adults since, and their goal is to provide a safe and interactive zone for individuals to explore their thoughts and feelings. The community organizes summits featuring various workshops, talks, and activities, at different locations in the city.

Instagram: masaha_community



Important Note:

A lot of these communities post their schedules/ upcoming trips on their Instagram pages, so make sure to check them out.



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