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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Top 20 Things To Do In Jeddah

Top 20 Things To Do In Jeddah
Always awake, scintillating and sparkling, Jeddah is never tedious and dull – those who’ve lived in Jeddah can testify to that.

Jeddah is undoubtedly the most vibrant city in the Kingdom. With works of modern art all over, an amazing Corniche road boasting of unparalleled views of the Red Sea, people from all walks of life and countries, a culture that is an incredible fusion of many different ones and a place where new activities or points of interests spring up every other day. Enough said, Jeddah can keep one entertained for long.

But the question remains as to what are the best things to do in Jeddah?

As per reader reviews and suggestions on Trip Advisor these are the ‘20 Top Things To Do In Jeddah’.

20. Athr Gallery
Jeddah is slowly becoming one of the most conspicuous hubs for arts and artists in the Middle East. Athr Gallery is a contemporary art project space and gallery that has facilitated artistic interchange between artists from across the region and beyond. With plentiful exhibitions year round, this is a must-visit for art lovers.

Coordinates: 21.560443, 39.185362

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19. Haifaa Mall
Jeddah has a love affair with malls and this fairly recent addition to the mall circuit in the city has become a quick favorite amongst residents. Its food court will make you skip regular dine-in restaurants and force visitors, in a way, to visit the mall for food if not the brands.

Coordinates: 21.527196, 39.177240

18. Gabel Street Souq
It is a kind of souk that gives off a typical Arabian souk vibe. So explore the souk travelling through its small corridors and maze-like lanes and at the end you may find something worth all the distance that you’ve covered.

Coordinates: 21.485524, 39.186952

17. Darat Safeya Binzagr
Safeya Binzagr is one of the most prominent artists in the city who is known for documenting the Kingdom’s rich traditions and heritage in her art. This is her art gallery where one can get to see her finest artwork up on display.
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16. Aziz Mall
It has a noteworthy children’s entertainment facilty, plenty of brands and an amazing food court – one that can said to be a benchmark of sorts for other malls. This mall can make one realize why we Jeddawis are so in love with malls.

Coordinates: 21.576207, 39.197676

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15. Al Salaam Mall
It looks best when its massive wall is illuminated by projectors resembling almost a screen of gargantuan proportions. There are also a decent number of branded outlets that are housed within the mall.

Coordinates: 21.508630, 39.222576

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14. Tayibat International City
Its edifice is a good introduction to Hejazi architecture; incorporating its finest elements and presenting them elegantly. In addition to that, the museum that Tayibat City houses has a great collection of artifacts from in and around the region.

Coordinates: 21.580420, 39.176452

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13. Globe Roundabout
The globe roundabout was designed by renowned Spanish architect Julio Lafuente. It is a must-see during the night when its glass panels are illuminated by colorful lights.

Coordinates: 21.664694, 39.110729

12. Makkah Gate
Jeddah was once surrounded by a wall, but as the city grew these walls eventually had to brought down to pave way for expansion of the growing city. Many of the gates that served as the only points of entry to the fortified city still survive. The most famous of which is the Makkah Gate.

Coordinates: 21.485211, 39.192659

11. Bait Al Naseef
The temporary dwelling of King Abdul Aziz, Bait Al Naseef is often the last stop on tourist circuits in Al Balad. One has to pass through the narrow maze-like lanes of Al Balad and witness its various architectural marvels before seeing the grandest of them all (Bait Al Naseef) at the last stop.

Coordinates: 21.484583, 39.188124

10. Mall of Arabia
This is the first noteworthy structure that any visitor to Jeddah coming straight from the airport sees. Yes it is worth all the attention and is a good introduction to Jeddah’s glitzy malls.

Coordinates: 21.632692, 39.156147

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9. Bicycle Roundabout
Another one of Julio Lafuente’s installations in Jeddah, this sculpture is said to be the tallest bicycle sculpture in the world.

Coordinates: 21.568039, 39.183467

8. Silver Sands Beach
Located on Jeddah’s famous creek that we know as Obhur, Silver Sands Beach has plentiful amenities, perfectly swimmable water and a decent amount of privacy. This is one of the best beaches within city limits.

Coordinates: 21.776438, 39.053746

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7. World's Tallest Unsupported Flagpole
It is one of those places that are even more impressive in real life than in photos. It looks best on windier days with the flag flying high and strong winds brushing its weighty cloth.

Coordinates: 21.507906, 39.169563

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
6. Fakieh Aquarium
Boasting thousands of different types of marine life, the Fakieh Aquarium is a one of kind entertainment facility in the Kingdom. The viewing tanks are impressive, but the tunnel tank is the one that steals the show. A tour of the aquarium is worth every penny.

Coordinates: 21.572106, 39.109330

Photo Credit:
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5. Floating Mosque
A popular spot among pilgrim tour groups, this mosque is like no other. It doesn’t stand on land, but on lofty pillars in the sea; thus the name floating mosque. The mosque is one of the best places to catch the sunset in Jeddah.

Coordinates: 21.648820, 39.100746

4. Jeddah Corniche
Dotted with modern art sculptures by renowned sculptors and offering breathtaking views of the Red Sea, this can be termed as Jeddah’s favorite hangout spot. Corniche is one place, which Jeddawis just never get bored of. For some, a weekend isn’t complete without a visit to it.

Coordinates: 21.643527, 39.100382

3. Al Balad
Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a commercial shopping haven – what more could one ask for? Al Balad, is truly the heart of Jeddah.

Coordinates: 21.482142, 39.182883

2. Red Sea Mall
As per some reports this is the largest mall in the city in terms of overall land area. It has no competition currently in sight for snatching away this record from it. Speaking of records, many world record feats happened at this very mall including the largest scratch card and largest ship made from Styrofoam.

Coordinates: 21.626174, 39.113796

1. King's Fountain
Jeddah in a way is incomplete without its imposing fountain and maybe that’s why it features on the top of this list. Holding the record for being the tallest fountain in the world, the King Fahd Fountain is the most prominent landmark of the city. It has integrated so much with Jeddah, that when one thinks of Jeddah, one of the first things to come to mind will be this fountain.

Coordinates: 21.518829, 39.152295




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