Top 10 Places Your Kids Will Love To Visit

Let your kids have fun at Jump Up


Summer is coming up in Jeddah and countless plans are being made amongst friends and families. Whether you want to spend some time with your little ones or make plans for them, grab a pen and fill up your kids’ schedules by visiting some of the best places Destination has picked out and listed. 


Little Camel Playground

Having trouble finding a comfortable and happy learning space for your little ones? Worry not, Little Camel accommodates toddlers and preschoolers, allowing them to learn different skills and also make new friends while doingd different activities. Activities at Little Camel include; coloring, painting, arts & crafts and the playground area is the childrens’ personal fave!

Instagram: littlecamelsa

Ages: 1 – 6


Location: King Abdullah Rd, Salam Mall, Jeddah


The safest place for your child to have fun in, Ghayma offers a comfortable and enjoyable space for children to do whatever they like. The space offers various activities such as a huge ball pit with slides, small trampolines and also after school activities for older kids. In addition to that, Ghayma has educational activities where learning for kids is made easy and the space can be booked for special occasions such as birthdays or graduations. 


Ages: 0 – 12

Tel: +966-540712470


Ar Ruwais, Haifa Mall, Jeddah

Aziziyah, Jeddah Park Center, Jeddah

Hadiqat Al Marah:

Does your child enjoy playing in the sand or in water? Grant their wish and head to Hadiqat Al Marah this weekend. A safe place for kids, the space offers indoor activities such as a sand room, a ball pit with slides, a gaming room and an outdoor water park. The space also has workshops from time to time, such as pottery and painting. 

Instagram: hadiqa.almarah

Ages: 1 – 13

Tel: +966-538137436

Location: Al Hamdaniya Dist, Jeddah


Want your kids to learn more about what their parents do and have fun while doing it? Kidzania is the next spot your kids would love to go. Endless rooms fully equipped with all kinds of things, Kidzania is a place where children can experience all kinds of jobs and careers that exist in the real world. From being a doctor, a chef, a news reporter to a firefighter or even a cashier, children can explore all that their hearts desire. 

Instagram: kidzaniajeddah

Ages: 2 – 16

Tel: +966-509104902

Location: Nuzhah Dist, Mall of Arabia, Jeddah


Bumper cars, VR games and a whole lot of other rides alongside arcade games swarmed in neon lights all with a futuristic aura, Tekzone is the perfect place for you and your kids. Whether your child is an infant who wants to play around in a soft ball pit or a teenager looking to play arcade games and collect points, Tekzone is suitable for all ages. 

Instagram: tekzoneksa

Ages: 4 – 18

Tel: +966-122617570

Location: Ah Shati, Red Sea Mall, Jeddah


Ready for non-stop fun and entertainment? Surprise your kids with a ride to Go 4 fun, somewhere happiness and excitement is definite to be checked off of their list. Go 4 fun has many activities kids can choose from; bowling, laser tag, gaming and everyone’s favorite, GO Goal, an indoor football field where kids can enjoy playing football together. 

Instagram: go4fun.ksa

Ages: 6 – 14

Tel: +966-533550212

Location: Al Fayha’a, Al Andalus Mall, Jeddah

Jump Up

Get your kids up and active and let them tag along with their friends to Jump Up! An indoor trampoline park is the ideal place to blow off some steam, let loose and have a great time with friends. The trampoline park is not limited to trampolines only, but also includes activities that stir up childrens’ thinking skills while being active and offer courses on parkour.

Instagram: gojumpup

Ages: Open to all ages above 4

Tel: +966-920012356

Location: An Nahdah, Jeddah


The coolest and liveliest entertainment experience for you and your kids in Jeddah, Boost is a huge indoor amusement park that offers all kinds of rides and activities. From laser tag and VR Games to bowling, trampolines or even arcade games, Boost has more than what you would expect. Kids can also book a day at Boost to celebrate a special occasion of theirs with their friends and family.

Instagram: boostsaudi 

Ages: Open to all ages above 4

Tel: +966-500878111

Location: Gold Moor, Ahmad Al Attas, Jeddah

Arty Cafe

From painting on canvases, tote bags and wood to learning pottery and creating cool mugs, Arty Cafe is home to so many creative projects that children of all ages can enjoy. The creative space can also be entirely booked to celebrate any occasion, and their menu consists of delicious treats and beverages. 


Ages: Open to all ages above 5

Tel: +966-548222055

Location: Ahmad Al Attas, Al Zahra, Jeddah


Give your children the freedom to choose which activity to take on this weekend. Enter10 is a space that has many entertaining activities such as mini golf, an indoor trampoline park, bowling, and so much more. It is also known for being the only place in the Kingdom for letting their guests play a game of life sized foosball!

Instagram: enter10jed

Ages: Open to all ages above 6

Tel: +966-558811470

Location: Prince Sultan Rd, Al Mohammadiyyah, Jeddah

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