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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

‘Tis the Season for Cold Brew

‘Tis the Season for Cold Brew

This latest java trend is the coolest.

Let’s face it, just the thought of having your coffee hot in this weather is too much to bear, no matter how much we want our caffeine fix. Enter the latest java trend to hit coffee houses worldwide: the cold brew.

Don’t get this confused with the iced coffee we’ve been having for a few years now. The main difference lies in temperature. Cold brew is brewed using room temperature or cold water and is never heated; iced coffee is taking normally-brewed hot coffee and cooling it down (usually with lots of ice).

Interested? We’ve got the best places to find cold brews around town.

Cold Brew by Huda

coldbrewbyhuda_khobar_2017_1Huda was the first to introduce cold brew to the area. Having completed over a year in business, Huda’s cold crew was and still is a huge success. What we love about this brew brand is its innovative twist to their drinks.

Instagram: coldbrew.h


qafcoldbrew_khobar_2017_aa-1It’s safe to say that Qaf can do no wrong. Their cold brew is top notch, like every other beverage they prepare. What we love about Qaf’s brew is that the beans used changes weekly, giving you a new flavor every time you order.

Instagram: qafcoffee
Location: 21st St., Al Ulaya, Khoabr

SN Cafe

sncoldbrew_khobar_2017_aa-1SN is a big supporter of local roasters, which is where they get the beans used for all their coffee, including their cold brew which is prepared in-house. What we love about SN is that, being a restaurant, you can always order a tasty meal when you get hungry!

Instagram: sncafe
Location: Bashar ibn Burd St., Al Ulaya, Khobar

Green Seeds

greenseeds_anak_2017_aa-1Green Seeds serves their brew in small cups (100 ml to be exact), so it’s always concentrated. For that quick fix, this is what you need!

Instagram: greenseedscoffee
Location: 7846 Khaleej Rd, Anak


coldbrewstarbucks_khobar_2017_aa-1Yup, even Starbucks has joined the cold brew craze. We love the accessibility of Starbucks and their brew is pretty strong, too (just how we like it).

Location: All branches

Black Vibes

blackvibes_khobar_2017_aa-1The new kid on the block, Black Vibes started off with coffee from Specialty Beans in Khobar for their main brew, and we all know the top-notch quality of beans that roaster shelves. This brew is an excellent choice for people who are just starting to develop a liking for the brew and don’t want something too strong.


Infusion Brew

infusion_khobar_2017_aa-1Hands down the best packaging we’ve seen. Full-bodied in flavor and strength, Infusion Brew is the perfect choice for seasoned coffee lovers. For something different, and to our absolute delight, a line of sparkling brew is available for those who like a little fizz.

Instagram: infusion_brew


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