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Throwback Eid Gift Ideas for Kids

Throwback Eid Gift Ideas for Kids

Happy Eid! What’s better than three days of awesome food, money and great gifts?

Exactly. Nothing. Here’s a few great THROWBACK gift ideas for kids. Share it with your loved ones. And on social media. *wink wink*

1. Candy and chips


When do you ever go wrong with candy? No, not the modern day candy everyone’s raving about. The traditional candy we all had as kids. The gummy pizza, toffee and Fishfash chips.

That’s what we’re talking about. Put them in cute little bags and share the tradition!

2. Accessories


Girls always like to accessorize and look like pretty little princesses. So, let’s help them out.

Whether it’s Claire’s (that’s what we 90’s kids used to like) or any other place, they’re cheap and you can buy them in bulk for all the girls in the family to feel as pretty as they are.

3. Baking Sets

Baking Set

Remember the afternoons we spent with our moms in the kitchen baking cupcakes and desserts? Well, nowadays baking has gotten to a whole new level, and the gadgets they use are extremely interesting. For all ages, actually.

4. Hoverboard


Alright, maybe this one’s not part of the whole “throwback” theme, but remember the scooters we used to ride in the DQ and the rollerblades we took around Aqaria? Well, this is the modernized version of that. Kind of.

5. Puzzles and Board Games

Board Games

We all used to play Uno and Dominoes. But guess what they’re playing these days? Saudi Deal!

This is a great game that will definitely get the whole family together like good old times. Thank us later.


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