This Is What These 18 Saudi Cities Literally Mean

  • yanbu1/18
  • thuwal2/18
  • riyadh3/18
  • ras-tanura-copy4/18
  • rabigh5/18
  • qatif6/18
  • makkah-copy7/18
  • majmaah-copy8/18
  • madinah-copy9/18
  • jubal10/18
  • jeddah11/18
  • hafr12/18
  • farasan13/18
  • bareq14/18
  • arar15/18
  • albaha16/18
  • al-ula17/18
  • al-kharj18/18

If you want to understand a city better, start by looking at its name.

Some of these cities probably have no association whatsoever with what their meanings, but their literal translation will probably change your outlook of the city in some way. (Note: In the case of exact translations not being available, the probable root word from which the name of the city is derived has been used instead.)

Before we start, just an FYI – these translations are not definitive.


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