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6 Things To Do This Father’s Day

Golf at Royal Greens Golf Club

Father’s Day is coming up soon, and what better way to honor that connection than by spending quality time together? In this article, Destination has compiled a list of exciting and memorable activities to do with your dad on Father’s Day. Get ready to make this Father’s Day unforgettable for both of you.


Treat Him to Dinner

Treat your dad to a memorable Father’s Day dinner and indulge in a culinary experience like no other. From his favorite restaurant he’s been waiting to go to, to a homemade gourmet meal prepared especially for him. Share a special meal together and create cherished memories that will come along with it. 

Suggested Restaurants:

Jeddah and Riyadh: 

Texas Roadhouse

The Cheesecake Factory

Go Bowling 

Spare some time this Father’s Day to go bowling with your dad and strike up some fun-filled memories. Lace up your bowling shoes, grab a ball, and let the good times roll. Enjoy a friendly competition and the thrill of knocking down those pins together, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro at it or not, anyone can play. 

Bowling Spots: 

Jeddah: The Round and Enter10

Riyadh: 404 Not Found and Enter10

Have A Movie Night 

Grab some popcorn and snack and take your father to a movie this Father’s Day, or simply stay at home and put in a classic favorite of his.  Whether it’s to discover new movies that are action packed, or re-watching one of his classics, both are a great choice and surely your father would love either idea. 

Movie Cinemas:

Jeddah and Riyadh:

Muvi Cinemas

VOX Cinemas

Go To A Shooting Range

Head to the new shooting range, Top Gun in Riyadh for an exhilarating experience with your dad this weekend. Lock and load for a day of marksmanship, where you can test your aim, challenge each other, learn new techniques and bond over the thrill of hitting the target. 


Tee up for a day of bonding and friendly competition by going golfing with your father at King Abdulaziz Economic City’s Royal Greens Golf Club. Hit the greens together and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery while hitting those white balls into their targets. 

To find out more about Royal Greens Golf Club visit their website: 

Have An Intense Game Night 

Unleash the competitive spirit this Father’s Day with an epic game night. Gather around the table and engage in hours of laughter and friendly rivalry, alongside your favorite snacks . From classic board games like monopoly or UNO to interactive video games like Crash Bandicoot, all of them are the right choice.

Suggested Board Games: 

Monopoly Deal


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