Things to Do in Sharqiya: Ages 3 and Below!

Photo Credits: gymboreeclasses-ksa

Is your toddler missing out while the older siblings are out and about having all the fun? It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are tons of things for toddlers to do:

  1. Stationary Fantasies, Amwaj Mall


This is perfect for messy fun play. With a sandpit on one side and a ball pit on the other; Stationary Fantasies is fun all around and totally worth the price. Let them roam around barefoot in a cozy environment supervised by you and try to take a friend along.

  1. Scitech Aquarium

Photo Credits: TripAdvisor

Photo Credits: TripAdvisor

While the rest of the center might be a little too overwhelming for the babies, the aquarium is always a winner. They can spend over an hour mesmerized by the fish, taking in all the different shapes and colors.

  1. Parks


Photo Credits: footage.framepool

This is a given, yet so underestimated. There are numerous parks around Sharqiya, look for one in your neighborhood and seize any opportunity that comes by to take them out for a run or a slide.

Where are some of your favorite parks?

  1. Beaches

Photo Credits: trekity

Photo Credits: trekity

This may seem like stating the obvious, but toddlers love the outdoors. From building sandcastles and dipping their toes in the sea to riding horses and camels and taking a swing or a slide on the many play areas spread out over corniche, there’s a whole lot of things for toddlers to do at the beach.

  1. Gymboree

Photo Credits: @GymboreeKSA

Photo Credits: @GymboreeKSA

There is a reason Gymbo the clown is one of the most loved characters of all times. He’s cute, he’s fun and he’s friendly. Classes at Gymboree are engaging and give the tiny tots a perfect outlet for their energy. Sign up now: Gymboreeclasses-KSA

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