The Year in Review

What better fix is there to tide us over to the new year than to look back on the food we ate?

8Best New Place: Amorino

We love the packaging, the flavors and the service. Amorino, we’re in love. And since you’re in close proximity to our secret headquarters, it looks like we’re going to have to invest in bigger doors soon.

7Best In and Out: Samakiyiat

The only place our fish-phobic food editor would accept seafood from, Samakiyiat has won a place in our hearts for getting her to eat the stuff. We loved the hamour, and the jumbo shrimp, as well as the salmon steak with Mexican salsa. You choose’em fresh off the display and they’re cooked for you. Good idea, eh?


4Best Instagram Business: Crust and Crumbs

We’re still dreaming of that lemon meringue pie, we swear. There’s just something about it that inspires our cravings. Plus, the owner of the business was one of the most pleasant to work with.


5Best Tucked Away: Almawayed Boufeyah

A samooli shakshooka sandwich is one of our favorite things on the planet, so we’re a bit biased on this particular hole in the wall. Almawayed has kibdah sandwiches too, which you’ll notice featured on our favorite things about Riyadh. Bilafiyah!


3Best Traditional Joint: Bab Alyemen

We have yet to find a place that serves traditional food as well as Bab Alyemen. With a decent ambiance and killer food, it makes up for the slow service they seem to be cursed with. DR Picks: Bint Alsahan, mgalgal, and their mlooh. Yum. Yummmm.


2Best Roundup: Fries

What else did you expect? Fries will always be the best roundup. Every time. The winner was Mcdonald’s for this year with Texas Fries hot on its heels, but we think it needs repeating. Because, fries. Of COURSE. What were we saying again? Oh, yeah, Riyadh: STEP UP YOUR FRIES GAME. We believe in you.


 9Favorite Morning Coffee: White Foam

Nice folks, nice coffee; they’ve been featured regularly on our snapchat this year. Thank you for staving off our morning depression, White Foam. Side note: We’re looking for our next regular café soonish. Anyone looking to step in the role and save us?


6Most Generous: Piatto’s

Free refillable salad, free garlic bread, free muffin loaf in the morning… Dang, Piatto, you’ve actually got us showing up just for your freebies. They’re that good. All you have to do now is have the blueberry muffin loaf on the menu in a temporary manner, because we’re tired of staving our cravings until it shows up again. Please? Fun fact: when you order take-away, Piatto’s sends in the garnishes with your order as well, like the grapes with the bruschetta. Brilliant!


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