The Ultimate Super Cheese Supreme Showdown


By Johara Al Mogbel and Jou Pabalate

Times are tough. We live in an age where there are so many options for that marvelous concoction called pizza; we don’t know where to go. It’s positively futuristic. And because all good futuristic societies have at least one fight to the very death, we’ve decided to organize a pizza tournament. The results were satisfying let us tell you. And now, to the Hunger Games! Get your cameras ready folks. This ain’t gonna last long.

Lightweight Match
Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

1The Welterweights


Heavy Weight Championship
Classic Margherita

4People’s Choice Awards
The Nostalgia Games

We’re leaving this one up to you. Which one do you think wins? Tweet or Instagram your pictures and opinions at @DestinationRyd by April 20, and we’ll post the winner!

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