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The Scientist: Abduljabbar Al Hamood, 22

Abduljabbar is currently pursuing a Biomedical Engineering degree with a concentration in Technology Innovation, while also minoring in Chemistry and Material Science & Engineering at Boston University.

Being ambitious and active in the world of science and innovation, biotechnology, geneticengineering, and Matlab coding data analysis, he has participated in various competitions and won awards.

One of his many achievements include winning 1st place in Plant Sciences at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), in addition to having  MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Society for Science & the Public, and The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) name a planet after him. “31926 Alhamood” is a tribute to his project at Intel ISEF.dksa3_issuespecial-abduljabbar_zaina-2

To Abduljabbar, success is not about achieving but about getting up stronger after failing. He learns, develops, and expands with his learning when he fails, not when he succeeds. (Phentermine)

Some of the Saudi figures he admires when reading their scientific publications and looking at the way they solve issues are Dr. Husam Zawawi and Dr. Ghada Almutairi, who are both scientists working on today’s biggest dilemmas in the health industries, which are how bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics that help fight off life-threatening infections, and how to pinpoint inflammations within the human body through drugs, and to treat them using a laser.

One thing that he has learned is that he can never prepare for obstacles. Rather, it’s how he deals with them, by looking at how others possibly overcame them, and by taking a step back, before going forward.

Instagram: kabdo_96

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