The Salad Days of Summer

By Alzahra Aldawood

Gone are the days of simple lettuce, carrots and cucumbers.

Nothing beats a cool and refreshing salad on a hot summer day. It’s crisp, chock full of nutrition and comes in so many clever variations.

 1. Bistro Lounge

Florida SaladSalads_BistoLounge-_Khobar_2016_AA-5

Let’s start with a salad that has a little bit of everything. Green leaves, blue cheese, chicken and fresh mixed berries. What an enticing combo!

Location: Prince Sultan Bin Fahd St., Qurtoba, Khobar
Instagram: bistrolounge


Salade FermiereSalads_Khobar_2016_AA-3

This one is a wonderful mix of textures and tastes. Mixed green salad topped with marinated grilled chicken, fresh green apple slices, walnuts and raisins, all of which is teased with a delightful mustard vinaigrette dressing.

Location: Mall of Dhahran, Dhahran

3. Circle Cafe

Mexican SaladSalads_Khobar_2016_AA-8

If you’re burrito fan, you’re going to love this. Fair warning: it’s a big one so you might want to share with friends, or just come hungry and have it all to yourself. We recommend the latter!

Location: Fouad Center, Prince Turki Rd., Khobar
Instagram: circlecafesa

4. L’Avenue

Rocca SaladSalads_Khobar_2016_AA-7

A staple of practically every restaurant you’ll ever visit; some add fresh mushroom while others go the strawberry route. At L’Avenue they add a bed of grilled halloumi cheese and a crown of fresh pomegranate seeds, with a tangy pomegranate extract sauce as dressing. Magnifique.

Location: King Fahd Rd., Khobar
Instagram: lavenuesa

5. Viola Cafe

Grilled Prawns SaladSalads_Khobar_2016_AA-11

Looking for something a little different? Try this Asian-style salad with prawns, grilled pineapple and sweet and chili sauce.

Location: Alturki Mall, 7th St., Khobar
Instagram: viola_cafe

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