Crewdit: JasonDarley

Let aside the world, a lot of us today are depressed about the way things are around us and in our own lives. All we do is whine about it and wait for a miracle to happen and change our lives or for an ambassador to show up and represent Islam in the right sense.

As Allah says: “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” [Qur’an 13:11]

A lot of us have the talent to write, to speak, to work, to lead, to be creative – but we put it to use only to make money/career or in laghw (vain acts, talks) or it’s just getting rotten up there. If you cannot change the things around you, then be the “change”. Build up a personality that speaks for itself as a loud and clear truth. Don’t have a ‘sorry’ attitude or low self esteem about Islam just because media and some educated illiterates have labeled it as backward. Present it proudly. Acquire the characteristics and implement the Sunnah of Prophet (s.a.w) because that is the best way of life.

Allah chose us to be Muslims. We need to stop taking this blessing for granted and strive to implement Islam in our life. We need to make the change within ourselves and Allah – The Supreme will bring about the change in our lives. So, Stop the wait! Introspect within yourselves, change your negatives into positives, and shine as the ray of hope in your life. This ray of light will eventually automatically fall on those around you.

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