The Perfect Movie Night

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Hot morning, too much time on the road, an argument with classmate or coworker, a bad day?

Now if you’re like me you’d be like my day may not have been perfect but tonight is going to be all fun and unwinding up, what else to suck all that stress and replace it with some excitement than a movie!

Step 1:
Take a quick shower. That movie won’t take away all that exhaustion by itself.
Step 2:
Fix yourself a snack and a drink. Some chips and simple dip… or a box of pizza. Do not touch snack and drink until the movie starts.
Step 3:
Claim your haven. Choose a spot and throw a lot of pillows in there. Make your spot a little colder than usual and don’t forget the blanket. You should also be able to sleep in your spot if you feel the zzz’s coming.
Step 4:
Do not have your phone next to you or you’ll literally only remember the opening credits or maybe, just maybe, the first 10 minutes.
Step 5:
Choose your movie (or show) wisely. Watch a thriller (or a horror movie). If you’re planning on binge watching shake it up a little bit. Have a comedy in reserve just incase you need to rinse your eyes after a tragedy or horror movie.

P.S. Don’t stay up too late if it’s not a weekend tomorrow. Who are we kidding? You probably will anyway.

Have fun!

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