The Outdoorsy Beauty of Ramadan In Jeddah

Ramadan gives off a special sense of bliss, so enjoy that with an outdoor picnic.

Here are a few places where you can enjoy an outdoor iftar or suhoor in Ramadan:

Next to the King’s Fountain
The walkway and open-air sculptures complement the perfect Ramadan vibe. Have a picnic near the fountain and then tread the walkway to the nearest ice-cream stall. The recitation of the Qur’an at the Golden Dome mosque during the night prayers is one of the most dulcet tones we’ve ever heard.

king's fountain


Balad festival
Balad’s festival takes place every year during Ramadan. Become a part of the tradition by having your meal with the people over there; they are some of the most welcoming people in Jeddah.

Credit: ashufik

Amirah Park by Friends of Jeddah Parks
One of Jeddah’s largest parks out there holds occasional Ramadan activities and iftar settings for its visitors. The park is only open for women and children and is under the management of Friends of Jeddah Parks.
amirah park
North Corniche Next to Medd Café
The outside area of the café and the nearby beach is perfect for an outdoor iftar with family and friends. Right after the meal, enjoy a good cup of coffee at Medd Café.



The Floating Mosque
Built in the 1980s, this mosque is one of the famous landmarks of Jeddah. The mosque offers a wide veranda to sit together, enjoy the sunset over the sea and break your fast. Take your camera for some great photos of the exterior and interior of the mosque.

floating mosque


Al Shatea Walkway
This walkway is located right next to Hilton on the Corniche. It’s one of Jeddah’s largest walkways. There are benches and spots between palm trees where you can set up for your picturesque picnic.

Credit: PinkJeddahSunset

Credit: PinkJeddahSunset

Other notable parks perfect for an iftar or suhoor picnic are; Tahlia Park with all its swings and slides, Al Rawdah Park for barbecues and games or Al Eradah Park with its customized facilities for those with special needs, located at Al Salamah Dist.

All these places and more will make for an unforgettable Ramadan experience. Especially when you ask others to join in with your Ramadan feasts.

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